Dreams Is Helping Some Dedicated Creators Find Jobs At Game Studios

Some creators who have shown their work off via PlayStation 4’s Dreams have been hired by video game development studios. The title, which provides aspiring developers with an impressively creative toolset, was made to inspire such persons to try their hand at game creation and, per VGC, has landed a number of them jobs.

Dreams was launched via Early Access in April last year but officially dropped last month.

British game developers Media Molecule, who have about 60 members of staff under their employ and are responsible for Dreams, recruited four devs directly from communities that play games they’ve created which focus on user-generated content.

“[Principal designer] John Beech, [designer] Christophe [Villedieu] and [level designer] Steven [Belcher] are all from LBP, mostly from LBP 1, who came on and then worked on LBP 2, based purely on their work,” the studio’s community manager Tom Dent told the aforementioned publication in February.

“John, for example, is a builder by trade, he wasn’t a game developer, but his work was so good in LBP that we brought him on, and he’s now senior principle designer on Dreams, so he’s created a lot of Art’s Dream, he’s big with the community – you’ve probably seen his breakfast – and Christophe’s the same, Steve’s the same.

“But as for Dreams, we actually hired our first Dreams community member last year. Jamie Breeze was a notable creator and we put out our first Dreams role, which was community content creator, and he now works on our team creating bits for social channels, our streams, with our partnerships and all sorts.”

Media Molecule isn’t the only studio to have hired Dreams creators either, with Dent claiming to have stories of persons also getting recruited elsewhere.

Dreams has opened up doors for others,” he added. “Someone in our community got hired as a gameplay and logic consulter for a game developer, so we’re already starting to see that work pay off.

“And we’ve seen people discover a passion for game development. So we hosted an awards show at the beginning of this year for Dreams, and one of our nominees has actually gone on to start developing games as a career because he discovered through Dreams that he has a passion for it and enjoys it and that’s exactly what we’ve set out to achieve.”

The studio would like folks to note that Dreams can be used to do a lot more than create video games. Refer to the tweets below:

“Artists will use it for concept art and architects will use it for their ideas,” Dent continued. “Obviously it’s a game, but there are so many more spaces for it, right now you can see Lisa [demoing the game on stage] composing, and we’ve had people creating albums and EPs in Dreams.”

Dreams’ creative director Mark Healey recently revealed Sony is looking into the legalities of having users monetize their content, telling VGC in an interview last month that he wants the best user-created games to launch as standalone titles in the PlayStation Store.

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