Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Title Means Nothing And Everything

Dragon Age 4's title has now been officially revealed, with BioWare confirming the game will be called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. That means we can all stop calling it Dragon Age 4 and call it by its proper name: DAD. BioWare is definitely giving me some DADdy issues, as I find myself having far more faith in the next Dragon Age than I do in the next Mass Effect, despite ostensibly preferring the space opera to the fantasy saga. Even with no gameplay footage and very little of note at all to go on, DAD is my most anticipated game of… well, whatever year it's going to come out in. 2037, probably.

There has already been some debate about the title itself. Clearly it refers to Solas, who was already implied to be the central villain in an earlier trailer, but there is the minor issue of a space. We here at TheGamer (no spaces) know how important a space can be, and the most eccentric corners of the fandom have already spiralled into a wild array of theories while inhaling vast amounts of copium. Solas is called The Dread Wolf in Dragon Age Inquisition, but the game's title is Dreadwolf. Dread Wolf, Dreadwolf. It's the difference between The Gamer and TheGamer, which means it feels massive, but probably doesn't mean very much.

Our name, if I haven't already mentioned it, is TheGamer. No spaces. But if you've seen our name mentioned in certain accolade trailers, you may have noticed us credited as The Gamer. It doesn't really matter, even if I often insist to PR representatives that it does. Likewise, the Dreadwolf/Dread Wolf split feels important to people looking to care (just as we care enough to ask PR people nicely to call us TheGamer), but ultimately does not matter. It might simply be a case that DAD is a lot better than DADW. We've seen games drop the : in title in recent years (Dragon Age: Origins versus Dragon Age Inquisition), and Olivia Wilde recently claimed that the studio had changed her upcoming movie's title from Don't Worry, Darling to the drastically different Don't Worry Darling because punctuation stinks now. All three Dragon Age titles have had three words ('Two' is a word, technically), so it's likely as straightforward as that.

It's unlikely, as one theory goes, that Dread Wolf and Dreadwolf are two separate characters. Instead, it's further confirmation that the game will be all about Solas, and while that seems like an obvious interpretation, it's also the most interesting. As many detractors have pointed out, you wouldn't call your Star Wars sequel Star Wars: Darthvader or the next Avengers movie Avengers: Kangtheconquerer. Solas being featured in the title suggests the game will be actively about him, not just feature him as the antagonist. It's easy to forget that Solas was the good guy for most of Inquisition, and it's only the final twist that reveals him to have been a bad guy – and even then, a lot is left open to interpretation. It's extremely unlikely that Solas will just be a binary bad guy in the way Corypheus was, giving the game much more depth.

Will we discover Solas' motivations, and gain sympathy for him, understanding that he did what he had to survive, recontextualising the ending of Inquisition? Or will we see a character driven descent, like Daenerys Targaryen, though hopefully with a better ending. We might even see a redemption leading to further betrayal, or be lulled into thinking Solas has fully turned to the darkness only for a late game rugpull.

The title tells us that this game will not be about fighting Solas, but will be a game that belongs to Solas, and that tells us a lot about what we can expect. The space doesn't mean anything though, sorry.

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