Dr Disrespect Reveals His New Year Resolutions

The streamer Dr Disrespect recently revealed his New Year resolutions. He took to Twitter on January 1, 2022 to let all of his followers know exactly what he has planned for them.

The list of resolutions ranges from sensible to silly. While a few of these appear to be jokes, when it comes to Dr Disrespect, you never truly know. The streamer has pulled some pretty big pranks in the past.

The first item on the list is “$100 Million Raised for Midnight Society.” This would be a reference to the game studio, Midnight Society, which Dr Disrespect founded with a bunch of Halo and Call of Duty developers. Where he plans to raise all of this money remains unclear. The streamer could be looking for a publisher. He could also be planning on some sort of crowdfunding.

The second and third items on the list are a little bit more outlandish than the first. Dr Disrespect simply says “Bourbon Business” and “Release Music Album.” While some have speculated that he might be investing in a line of whiskey, others have wondered if Dr Disrespect plans to open his own distillery. The streamer has already floated some ideas about producing a bourbon. When it comes to the album, Dr Disrespect used to make music, so he could be planning a few songs.

Dr Disrespect has “Doc-Con 2022” in fourth place. This appears to be some sort of gathering, but what exactly the streamer has in store is unknown. He might just be poking fun at Twitch. Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from the platform on June 26, 2020. The streaming service will be hosting TwitchCon at some point in July, 2021.

The last item on the list is “Unbanned and Massive Payout.” The words are highlighted in purple. Similar to the previous item, this may be a reference to his permanent ban from Twitch. Dr Disrespect continues to be snubbed by the streaming service after well over a year. He claims to be suing the platform.

While some of his New Year resolutions may be jokes, Dr Disrespect seems to have plenty of plans going forward. Time will tell if any of these actually pan out.

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