Dr. Disrespect Hints At New Streaming Deal In Cryptic Tweet

Dr. Disrespect is teasing fans with vague information about (what seems to be) a new deal in the works. In a picture showing off the infamous mustache and the window of a plane, The Doc tweeted out, “I always make sure negotiations happen in person,” prompting users to speculate on the meaning behind the words.

Many users instantly began speculating about the meaning behind his words, believing a deal with Mixer or Twitch is looming on the horizon. Fans also noted the interesting terrain outside of his aircraft’s window, taking guesses as to his location based on the view.

Only a day after the tweet, Dr Disrespect updated his fan base with his stream schedule, but also claimed he had “a few things… to take care of first,” implying there indeed was a meeting of some type.

It is no secret that streamers are getting shifty in their seats, seeking to secure a contract and permanent home. Ninja’s switch to Mixer was a big part of starting a new movement of streamer exclusivity – platforms are starting to shell lure in the heavy-hitters.

Just this week, household-names TimTheTatman, DrLupo and LIRIK announced that they have each recommitted to remaining on Twitch. The purple-clad company is clearly combating Mixer’s aggressive expansion strategy, yanking crucial personalities such as Ninja, Shroud, KingGothalion, and FaZe Ewok; Facebook Gaming recently swiped DisguisedToast and even D-Live put itself on the map by convincing YouTube superstar PewDiePie that they were worth his endorsement.

Will The Doc be the next to move? Perhaps he will indeed be coaxed. It seems more likely, however, that the mullet-styling streamer will stay, especially considering his past history of voicing his interest in remaining. Additionally, it would be becoming of Twitch to keep around a streamer with wholesome messages such as the following.

One thing is for sure – the war will rage on between Twitch and Mixer. If Dr. Disrespect packs his bags and moves platforms, some damage-control might be needed on Twitch’s end; If they get him on lock-down however (which they may have already), they can certainly breathe easy for the time being.

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