Dota 2 Players Are Struggling To Find Love As Tinder Only Lists League Of Legends

The proliferation of smartphones and apps has changed modern love and dating, with the likes of Tinder turning the search into the swiping of strangers, and in this domain there seem to be some biases. For one, it turns out Dota 2 players find themselves out of favour on the popular dating app, while League of Legends fans have one advantage.

It's been discovered recently that Tinder lists League of Legends as an 'interest' alongside things like hiking, vlogging, vegan cooking, bar hopping, archery, ramen, NFTs, ice skating, backpacking, Netflix – but, sadly for the rival MOBA fans, Dota 2 is not listed. On the Dota 2 subreddit the players found it amusing however, saying things like Dota 2 enthusiasts don't have the time for such indulgences such as relationships (thanks The Loadout).

However, League of Legends fans shouldn't have that much to gloat about going by the experience of one luckless LoL player. One Tinder and Leage fan shared their experience earlier this year. One Nathan Edmonds decided to put League of Legends on his Tinder profile as an interest only to find that the number of matches he got did not increase. In fact, they tanked.

Edmonds really played up the gaming side on his profile, centering it around competitive gaming with a bio that read, "nerd that works in esports". The LoL fan told Esports News UK that he only got matches with other League fans since he added the passion on his Tinder. "I'll be honest, I don't get many matches anyway – which must be down to some kind of bug, right?" he told the publication.

So while League of Legends fans are catered to with an official interest to put on their Tinder profile, it might not work so well with potential matches, so maybe Tinder is doing Dota 2 fans a favour by not having it as a listing. And, of course, you could just write it into your bio anyway, if Dota 2 really is something you want to sell to dates as part of your character.

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