Doom Eternal’s Latest Trailer Is Full Of Slicing And Dicing

Bethesda has uploaded a new trailer for Doom Eternal and holy crap! When the company said this would be a bigger and badder Doom, it wasn’t kidding. Everything looks so ridiculously smooth and the new additions to the Doom Slayer’s arsenal are intense. That laser sword (or whatever it’s called) is probably the coolest thing about this trailer.

The story, this time, seems to be that the Doom Slayer is too good at his job. Having basically depleted the armies of Hell, Heaven is getting concerned that the Slayer is on an unstoppable spree. Wishing to maintain balance in the world, you’ll be tackling Heaven alongside Hell in an all-out war for your survival. Talk about upping the ante.

Even without all of that plotting, Eternal just looks better. If the E3 demo is anything to go by, this is a better game than the 2016 reboot. Your moveset is more versatile, your weapons have more purpose, and the enemies hit harder. This is the boomer shooter to end all boomer shooters and I couldn’t be happier.

Doom (2016) was a real surprise when it launched four years ago. Bethesda withheld review copies after a pretty terrible multiplayer demo and everyone was worried. Had Bethesda ruined one of its premier franchises? Thankfully, it didn’t. The game launched and was an exciting reinvention of what Doom was all about.

It may not have been “classic,” but its aping of the Serious Sam formula mixed with some large scale level design was an excellent mixture of old and new. That it paid homage to the original with cute little secrets and nods was much appreciated by fans.  Add in those awesome glory kills and the game was just plain fun to play.

Eternal has a lot to live up to, but id Software seems to be on the right track. We won’t have much longer to find out. As a reminder, Doom Eternal will be launching on March 20, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A Switch port is coming sometime later in 2020. Pre-orders will net you a bonus copy of Doom 64, another great title in the Doom saga.

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