Doom Eternal Will Still Be Delayed On Switch (But Not For That Long)

The Nintendo Switch fans who are pining away for Doom Eternal won’t have to wait for as long as they thought, as the director of the game has confirmed that it won’t be delayed for long after the other versions are released.

Doom Eternal was originally slated to be released in November 2019, but it was revealed in October of the same year that the game was being pushed back to March. The people who have been following the recent delays of other games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII Remake will recognize the reasons given by id Software, as the game needed more polish and it knew the fans had expectations for the quality of the game. It was also revealed that the Nintendo Switch version of the game was being pushed back even further, with no release date given.

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It seems that the Nintendo Doom Eternal fans won’t be waiting too long, as the game’s director Marty Stratton was asked about the Switch port in an interview with the TiLMENDOMiNATiON YouTube channel. Stratton confirmed that the delay won’t last for long. According to Stratton, the other versions of the game need to be done before the game can be passed off to Panic Button, but it won’t be a huge delay, even though they still haven’t given a release date.

Doom Eternal has some amazing visuals and fans have been excited by the prospect of seeing the game running on the Switch, as Panic Button did a phenomenal job with the 2016 version of Doom on the system. As such, the fans are expecting the company to pull off another miracle with its Switch port of Doom Eternal. 

It was disappointing to learn that the delay of Doom Eternal affected the Nintendo Switch version of the game so severely, even if the wait isn’t going to be that long. Switch fans can at least be thankful that they won’t have to decide between Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as they would both be released on the same day if the Switch port of Doom Eternal hadn’t been delayed.

Doom Eternal is being released for Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 20, 2020, with a Nintendo Switch version due to be released at a later date.

Source: TiLMENDOMiNATiON/YouTube

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