DOOM Eternal: How To Get The Classic Doomguy Skin

Want that classic look in DOOM Eternal? Here’s how you can get the Doomguy skin.

Way back when the original DOOM first arrived, the nameless protagonist wasn’t called the Doom Slayer. He didn’t have a magic sword or a sacred destiny to slay all the demons in Hell–he was just some dude working for a paycheck. So when anyone needed to refer to him, he was simply called Doomguy.

The name stuck, and now almost three decades later, Doomguy is back in DOOM Eternal as an unlockable skin. He’s a lot less armored than the Doom Slayer, but he’s got a certain charm to him that only a 1993 first-person shooter can provide.

Getting the Doomguy skin isn’t all that hard, but it does require a bit of knowledge about the Fortress of Doom, the Doom Slayer’s home base in DOOM Eternal. The Fortress of Doom serves as the player’s hub for viewing collectibles, unlockables, and also stores various weapons and upgrades. You can try out new guns and unlock a few skins found around the ship.

You gain access to the Fortress of Doom after the second mission, but most of the doors remain locked and inaccessible. Only after the third mission do you gain access to the whole place, and it’s at this time you can acquire the Doomguy skin.

To get the skin, head towards the main area where you summon the portal. Looking at the portal (or where it’s typically summoned), turn around and then go straight. Don’t go up any stairs or through any doorways on the left or right as those lead to other areas of the ship. Just keep heading straight through each doorway that’s in front of you. The Doomguy skin will be locked in a containment cell at the very end.

Getting the skin means unlocking the cell, which requires two Sentinel Batteries. You can find Sentinel Batteries basically all over the game world, and you get them for completing level challenges as well. Really, you should have at least two Sentinel Batteries by this point, so go ahead and unlock the cell to get your Doomguy skin.

To equip the skin, you’ll have to go to the “Customize” option on the main title screen. This requires reloading your game, but then you’ll be able to look like the Doomguy from the original DOOM. Cool, right?

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