DOOM Eternal – How To Change Weapon Mods

One of the best features in Doom Eternal is the ability to swap from one weapon mod to another, which can make a weapon feel like something completely different. This means that players will find creative ways of dealing with enemies through a variety of tools for any situation, or swapping mods can simply be a great way for players to discover their favorite methods of blowing demons away.

The good news is that swapping from one mod to another is ridiculously easy and can be done at a moments notice. Players who are on PC need to hold down the “F” key, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players hold the up direction on the D-pad. The Slayer will pop from one mod to another on that is equipped on the fly and the action does not need to stop.

While the process is quick and easy, picking the best mods to use takes a but more time. The Combat Shotgun, the first weapon a Slayer finds and arguably the most iconic in the series, pairs perfectly with the Sticky Bomb mod.

Let’s face it, the default Combat Shotgun is fantastic up close, as pumping a demon full of lead from point blank is usually enough to separate their organs from the rest of their body, but as soon as enemies are even slightly further away damage drops off quickly. The Sticky Bomb is perfect for compensating this lack of range, and since it can be swapped quickly, is the ideal choice for most of the game.

The Chaingun can be considered in a slightly different way. One its own, the weapon does great damage in little time, but swapping the Mobile Turret mod turns the volume up to 11, making the Slayer a beast for damage and the rate of fire. The obvious trade off here is that players need to sacrifice some mobility to use this mod, but set up on the fly in a strategic location or for a boss is perfect, because anything caught in the Slayer’s line of fire will soon be torn to shreds.

Be sure to experiment with all the available mods, because there really is something for everyone. While some weapons only have a single mod, like the Super Shotgun, others have several options that make gameplay feel different, and it’s good to experiment to find the best one’s for different styles of play.

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