Doom Eternal does not run at 4K on Stadia admits id Software

Google Stadia has fallen short on yet more promises, as it’s revealed that major new game Doom Eternal will not perform as expected.

Once again, Google Stadia has not lived up to its initial hype, as developer id Software admits that Doom Eternal will not run in ‘true 4K’ after all.

Doom Eternal was one of the first games to be unveiled for the streaming service and much was initially made about it running at a native 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

But in the end, all it will manage is 1800p at 60fps. The game is up-sampled to 2160p but that’s still nowhere close to being 4K, true or otherwise.

That’s not surprising from the point of view of how much horsepower it would take to run a game at that resolution, but of course everyone involved should have realised that when they made the initial claim.

‘We couldn’t be happier to be bringing Doom Eternal to Stadia and are thrilled to announce that the game will be capable of running at true 4K resolution, with HDR colour at an unrelenting 60 frames per second’, said id Software’s Marty Stratton at the time.

It’s not the first time Stadia has got into trouble after failing to live up to its pre-release hype, after Borderlands 3 launched with a three-month-old version of the game and players complained about other games not running at 4K.

One problem is it’s very difficult to tell whether a game really is 4K or not just by looking at it, and on Stadia the resolution isn’t even possible on PC monitors anyway – only via 4K TVs using an Chromecast Ultra.

By consistently over-promising on what it’s able to deliver on Google has managed to undermine what would otherwise be a very impressive service.

Although the overriding problem is simply that they launched the whole thing too early, before it was ready and before they had enough games to make it worthwhile.

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