Doom & Doom II Update Adds 60 FPS, New Stages, Performance Optimizations

The ports of Doom and Doom II for modern systems have received significant updates in terms of new content and performance options in a new patch.

It was revealed at QuakeCon 2019 that Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 were being ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Some of the ports were criticized at launch for annoying log-in requirements involving (that were eventually patched out), missing content, and for inconsistent performance compared to other ports of the games.

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Bethesda recently promised to fix the issues with Doom and Doom II via a patch, which is now available for all versions of the game on modern systems. There is now an Add-Ons menu that allows both games to download The Plutonia Experiment and TNT Evilution, while Doom players can download Sigil (the recent WAD made by John Romero), and Doom II players can download No Rest For The Living. The patch was announced on the official Bethesda Twitter account.


The frame rate of Doom and Doom II has been increased from 35fps to 60fps for the first time on consoles. It’s now possible to quick save by pressing the shoulder buttons on the controller, a level select option has been added, the ability to change the aspect ratio and brightness can be done in the menu, and the player can quickly switch weapons with the d-pad.

In order to play the new chapters of Doom and Doom II, the player needs to download them through the Add-Ons menu and activate them individually. The player needs to manually activate each WAD to play them and deactivate them to return for the base version of each game.

The performance boosts for Doom and Doom II offer a notable visual upgrade to both games. The two games now look a lot better than they did at launch and run a lot smoother. It’s a shame that the games weren’t this polished when they were released, but the people at Bethesda worked hard to make Doom and Doom II look as awesome on console and mobile devices as they do on PC.

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