Divinity Original Sin 2: The Burning Pigs Quest Walkthrough

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is full of strange sights. Still, even the most jaded players might be surprised when they find pigs mysteriously on fire in the Hollow Marshes. Unlocking the mystery of these smoldering swines provides access to a trader who deals in exceptional equipment.

If you're not sure what to do with the burning pigs, fear not! This guide will help you to lift their curse quickly.

What To Do With The Burning Pigs In The Hollow Marshes

The burning pigs can be found north of the Sanctuary of Amadia. Before you attempt to interact with them, be sure you can cast Bless. You may also want to boost your fire resistance before approaching the pigs; if you get too close to them they will run, potentially setting off oil barrels in the area. Cast Bless on one of the pigs to remove its curse.

Once the first pig has been blessed, the party will be confronted by an undead lizard named Scapor. She has been set to watch the cursed pigs and ensure that nothing interferes with them. In almost all cases the party will need to fight and defeat her; the only way to talk her down is to inquire about what will happen to her if she doesn't stop you and then succeed on the subsequent Wits check. Getting past Scapor without fighting yields 3,000 experience points, while defeating her in combat only earns 1,800 experience points.

Once Scapor is dealt with, you can Bless the remaining pigs for additional experience. This isn't required to proceed in the quest, but it's worth doing while you're in the area.

How To Help Feder The Pig

After blessing the pigs and interacting with Scapor, travel east. You'll be ambushed along the way. After the fight, continue onward until you meet a pig named Feder. A character needs the Pet Pal talent to be able to speak with her. If nobody on your team has Pet Pal, you can come back after leveling up for a new Talent Point or return to the Lady Vengeance to reassign talents. Remember that only the specific character who has Pet Pal will be able to start the conversation.

Once you've engaged Feder in dialogue, ask her about her curse and send her to the Sanctuary of Amadia. If you haven't yet been to the Sanctuary yourself you won't be able to send her there, so be sure you've at least passed through beforehand. After Feder departs, meet up with her at the Sanctuary for the final step of the quest.

Back at the Sanctuary of Amadia, Feder will be waiting near a pool of water with a large statue. Speak to the statue to activate the pool, and suggest that Feder stand in the water. Doing so will lift her curse and transform her back into a human. She will remain in the Sanctuary, near the healer's tents, and you can purchase quality weapons, armor, and scrolls from her.

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