DiRT 5 Hits A Rough Patch, Now Set For November Release

Codemasters is having a bit of a tough time out on the course this year. After previously delaying DiRT 5 by a few weeks, the upcoming sequel to the popular racing series has been delayed yet again. I’m not sure how many different racing puns I can come up with, but this latest rough patch will see the game release on November 6, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The planned next-generation versions are still coming in 2020, though are probably going to be delayed as well.

In a PR statement, a representative from Codemasters writes, “Hey everyone, The release date for DiRT 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC has now moved to November 6, 2020, with early access for Amplified Edition players starting on November 3. The game is still set to launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later this year, followed by Google Stadia in early 2021.”

Codemasters was also quick to remind players that anyone purchasing the current-generation versions of DiRT 5 will be eligible for free upgrades to the next-gen ports on release. That will help make buying the game much easier as you won’t need to wait for the “better” version to come along.

“Seriously, we can’t thank everyone enough for your support and excitement around DiRT 5, ever since its reveal back in May,” Codemasters said. “The positive feedback we’ve received from hands-on preview sessions has blown us away, too. The start line is now a little further away, but it’s still very much in sight.”

After the more rally focused DiRT 4, DiRT 5 looks to go back to the wackier style that both 2 and 3 contained. There are more event types, a plethora of different courses, and a really solid soundtrack. The next-gen features such as 120 fps playback also sound like a godsend for improving the overall fluidity of the experience.

I’m not exactly optimistic that DiRT 5 will actually release in 2020, but at least Codemasters is keeping players informed ahead of time. We all of the problems everyone has faced in 2020, delaying a game is really the least of our worries. I just hope everything is going smoothly with the staff at Codemasters.

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