Dinkum: How To Repair The Tele Towers

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  • Find Scrap
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Upon exploring your island for the first time in Dinkum, you'll notice something like a telecommunication tower that is broken. It's tall and makes electrical noises – hard to miss. You can interact with this tower in an attempt to restore it, but what is it really for?

Island life is no joke in Dinkum. The map is very large, and it will be hard to explore every inch by foot alone. That's where Tele Towers come in. There are multiple around the map. When enough are repaired, you can actually fast travel – or teleport – to other towers. This, along with vehicles, make traveling around islands a whole lot easier. So here's how to get started with them.

There are up to four Tele Towers in the game, including a blueprint to craft one later in the game.

Find Scrap

You need a bunch of random metal scraps and gadgets to repair a tower. You can see exactly what you need by interacting with the tower itself. These metal scraps are scattered all over each island. Some are easier to find than others. You may have noticed metal barrels half buried in the sand. By axing these barrels to death, they will explode with a variety of different metals.

These metals are what you use to repair Tele Towers. Some of the scraps are used for other things as well, like crafting recipes with Franklyn. Not every barrel is visible to the naked eye, though. Some barrels or just pieces of scrap on their own are buried beneath the ground. You need a metal detector to find the location and then use a shovel to dig it up.

Get Metal Detecting License

With John's store officially on your island and not in the visitors' tent, you'll notice a metal detector available for purchase. You are not allowed to buy and use one unless you purchase a Metal Detecting License from Fletch in the Base Tent. This license costs 1,000 Dinks.

Once you have the license, you can go back to John's Goods and purchase the metal detector.

Find Scrap And Upgrade Licence

All you have to do is use the interact button to scan the ground as you walk. Don't be afraid to re-do the same areas the next day, either. There will be a steady beeping sound that picks up in speed. If you're using a controller, the controller will vibrate. You will also visually see pulsating lights on the square you're scanning. Once you've found a spot, use a shovel to dig. You will either find scraps on their own or a barrel to break open.

The more you explore, use items, and purchase more licences from Fletch, the more you'll get new licences. You will be able to upgrade your Metal Detecting License so that you can detect previously unseen scrap without needing the metal detector.

The Tele Towers need specific scraps. Bring the needed metals to the tower until each is complete. Once you've repaired the tower, it will instantly be restored. You cannot use one if you have not repaired another, as there will be nowhere to fast travel to.

To fast travel, you must walk into the middle of the tower. A purple glow will appear beneath your feet and the map will pop up.

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