Dinkum: How To Find And Use Old Keys

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Despite being in Early Access, Dinkum is shockingly fleshed out and has hodds of content to dig through. Whether you want to spend your days hunting bugs, farming, or even delving greedily and deep into the darkest recesses of the earth – this Aussie-themed life-sim has you covered.

One of the lesser explained mechanics in Dinkum surrounds the mysterious Old Keys. What are they? How do you use them? Where do you find them? It’s all a mystery. Figuring it out, however, is well worth the effort. This is especially true once you dive into the late game and are looking for better ways to attain resources and Dinks.

What Are Old Keys?

Old Keys are ancient artefacts left over from the Old World. They, along with most other artefacts in the game, are required if you want to access the deepest reaches of Dinkum. Unfortunately, finding them in large numbers is difficult in the early game. This is because Old Keys are (mostly) locked behind licences and equipment costs.

Where To Find Old Keys?

Surface Barrels

Scattered around the world of Dinkum are rusty barrels. These barrels are always filled with rare artefacts and gizmos. These are then used to make complex machinery and structures, such as an entrance to the Deep Mine. These barrels can also contain Old Keys.

Scouring the surface for barrels is not the best idea, unfortunately. Whilst you can find a few in the open, they are far from being common. Instead, if you want to start stockpiling new keys you are going to need two licences and three pieces of equipment.

Hidden Barrels

Firstly, licences. You are going to have to invest in a Metal Detecting Licence as well as Shovel Licence. These two will allow you to buy and use shovels and metal detectors – both of which can be bought from John’s shop.

John needs to become a permanent resident for him to sell the Metal Detector.

Once you have the licences, a metal detector, a shovel, and a pickaxe, you are finally ready to go out and hunt for barrels. The metal detector will lead you to barrels, dig them up with your shovel and then use your pickaxe to break them. Simple as that.

Where Do You Use Old Keys?

Once you have yourself a healthy stockpile of Old Keys, you may be wondering what you actually do with them. Well, nothing, at first. Old Keys don’t do anything until you unlock the extraordinarily expensive Deep Mine.

The Deep Mine is full of dangerous enemies, a ludicrous amount of ore, and most importantly, locked doors. These locked doors lead to Treasure Rooms, and these rooms are filled to the brim with hard-to-obtain loot.

Each room is blocked by two locks, meaning you will need at least two Old Keys to access them. As a general rule, always enter the Deep Mine with two Old Keys, because you don’t want to miss out. If you are planning a longer expedition into the bowels of Dinkum, then bring more. Just remember to take them in multiples of two.

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