Digimon Card Game: The 10 Best Starter Decks

The best and easiest way to get started with any card game is with a starter deck. Whether it is with buying two different decks to play with a friend, or buying two of the same deck to make it competitively viable and take it to your very first local tournament, the Digimon Card Game starter decks give you a basic understanding of the basics of the game and how different archetypes work.

As the card game grows and introduces new mechanics, newer and better starter decks are released to ease players into these new ways of battling their opponents. Given the number of play styles found in the Digimon Card Game, exploring your options between all the starter decks is a must when starting the game.

10/10 Venomous Violet

Part of the second wave of starter decks, the Venomous Violet starter deck features the mighty CresGarurumon. If you're new to the purple color of cards in the game, this deck will show you how purple gains advantage by deletion effects and playing Digimon out of the trash from CresGarurumon's DigiBurst effect.

Being the first purple starter deck, it also includes staple cards like Death Claw and Blocker Devimon. These cards are an amazing addition to any player moving forward.

9/10 Heaven's Yellow

In the Digimon Card Game, Yellow's biggest game plan is to stall the opponent by using the Recover mechanic. Most of the cards in the Heaven's Yellow deck have effects that trigger when Digivolving or when played that let you rebuild your security stack by placing the top card of your deck on top of it.

The Heaven's Yellow deck is the easiest way to get started if you like decks with a stall game plan. Even though this deck was one of the first to be released, some cards in the deck, like Patamon, still see play in other yellow decks at the moment.

8/10 Cocytus Blue

Ever since its inception, the color blue in the Digimon Card Game has been one of the most versatile colors in the game. With powerful tools for memory gain, effects that strip Digivolution cards from your opponent's Digimon, and removal cards that return Digimon to the opponent's hand or deck, Blue consistently stays at the top of the metagame with every set that is released.

Although a bit older, Cocytus Blue is still a fun and powerful deck to play with, if only for its powerful staples like Hammer Spark, Cocytus Breath, and Kaiser Nail.

7/10 Gaia Red

Red decks in Digimon Card Game like to hit fast and hard, and Gaia Red is no different. The basis of every red deck that came after it, Gaia Red's game plan is as simple as Digimon Card Game can get. You slowly build up a powerful stack of Digimon to delete your opponent's security in one go.

With WarGreymon and a Greymon in its Digivolutions card, you can check up to four of your opponent's security cards in one attack. Greymon, being a generic red card that can trigger its Security Attack +1 effect at all times, makes Gaia Red an extremely valuable starter deck.

6/10 UlforceVeedramon

Veemon is one of Digimon's fan-favorite characters, but despite that, the UlforceVeedramon deck is a bit underwhelming compared to others. The deck relies on UlforceVeedramon's ability to unsuspend itself and using low Digivolution costs to climb up as soon as possible.

The best part about this deck, and what puts it above the rest, is the inclusion and first-time introduction of Memory Boost cards. These cards allow you to search for each color of Digimon and give you two more memory to work with next turn, speeding up the game immensely.

5/10 Gallantmon

The Gallantmon deck does almost the same as the Gaia Red deck but does so in a slightly different way. While the deck still focuses on gaining Security Attacks on a single Digimon to wipe your opponent's security, it does so with different option cards like Lightning Joust or through its inheritable effects.

This deck also has many effects that net you board advantage while deleting your opponent's smaller Digimon. This deck also comes with Memory Boosts cards for every color packed in, enhancing the deck's consistency, which is one thing that red continuously struggles with while playing.

4/10 RagnaLoardmon

RagnaLoardmon was released as a standalone archetype in a set previous to this deck, but at the time of release, the archetype was a bit underwhelming and a bit hard to play with only a base core as support for the deck.

With the introduction to the Ragnaloardmon deck and the DNA Digivolution mechanic, the deck becomes much faster and lore accurate with fusing both BryweLudramon and Durandamon. Different from most DNA decks, Ragnaloardmon uses On Play effects from lower-level Digimon to search and play out Digimon directly from the deck.

3/10 Parallel World Tactician

With this wave of starter decks, dual-colored cards were introduced, opening deckbuilding up to many more possibilities. The Parallel World Tactician, also known as the Mastemon Deck, is the best way to introduce dual-colored cards.

Focused on the DNA Digivolution mechanic, the Mastemon deck uses purple's removal and resource management with the trash, and yellow's recovery to control your opponent's board while increasing your security stack with powerful new removal effects like Chaos Degradation.

2/10 Ultimate Ancient Dragon

Unlike the Mastemon deck, Ultimate Ancient Dragon, a deck centered around Veemon and Wormmon's DNA Digivolution, Imperialdramon, tends to be a tad more aggressive.

The Imperialdramon deck tends to close out the game by utilizing the Ultimate level Paildramon for its aggressive plays. If worst comes to worst, this deck can go into Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode, to play out two Digimon from its Digivolution cards, forcing your opponent to deal with three Digimon at the same time or be forced to lose the game.

1/10 Jesmon

Jesmon was especially popular during its introduction in BT6 Double Diamond. One of the first OTK decks in the Digimon Card Game besides WarGreymon, the Jesmon deck was capable of deleting your opponent's security while gaining advantage by playing Sistermon Digimon for free that gain Blocker once in the Battle Area.

After the restriction to BT6 SaviorHuckmon, the deck was stuck in limbo without a viable Ultimate level Digimon to replace Savior. The Jesmon deck not only gave players a new SaviorHuckmon, but it leveled up the deck to the top tier with the addition of a brand new Jesmon and new Sistermon cards with Decoy, and even more powerful effects.

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