Devolver Digital Has 5 Unannounced Games Coming In 2021, Apparently

Five. That’s how many games publisher Devolver Digital plans to bring to market in 2021. They’re all unannounced, and Devolver hasn’t given us any clues as to what we can expect.

The news comes in the form of an innocent-sounding tweet where the company asks the impossible question of which of the five unannounced games is our “most anticipated.”

This sort of fits with Devolver’s year-end theme of celebrating games way too early. For example, the company just announced Loop Hero and is already calling it their game of 2021.

Loop Hero is a trip, by the way. It’s a sprite-based deckbuilder RPG with roguelike and tower defense elements. I guess nobody told Devolver you can’t just throw every genre into a blender and expect it to make a game.

If we add Loop Hero to the list of games we already know Devolver will release in 2021 (that being Weird West, Shadow Warrior 3, and Card Shark), that brings us to a total of nine confirmed games coming in 2021, although we don’t know what five of them are yet.

My guess? Devolverland Expo 2 is definitely one of them since there ain’t no way E3 is coming back in time for June at the rate this pandemic is going. The other four though are a complete crapshoot. Your guess is as good as mine.

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