Devolver Digital Game Of The Year 2021 Goes To A Game That Wasn’t Even Announced Yet

I suppose one way to surprise people with a Game of the Year award is to give it to a game that isn’t even announced yet. Kicking things off at The Game Awards this year, Devolver “CEO” Nina Struthers took to the stage to announce that Loop Hero would be receiving the hilariously titled “Devolver Digital Game Of The Year 2021” award.

What exactly is Loop Hero? Why it looks like something of a procedurally generated indie title where you’ll die and die some more. There wasn’t much to actually take from the short trailer, but as Nina put it, “Loop Hero’s devs couldn’t be with us this year because Loop Hero wasn’t announced until…well, just now.”

Thankfully, Devolver hasn’t left us in the cold. Shortly after the announcement, the company sent over an official description of what Loop Hero is all about. “The world has been thrown into a timeless loop, plunging inhabitants into never ending chaos. Wielding an expanding deck of mystical cards, position enemies, buildings, and terrain along the path of each unique expedition to piece together your brave hero’s memories and restore balance to the world.”

I suppose that means Loop Hero is more of a tower defense game, though mixed with roguelike elements. Currently, it is slated for release on PC in 2021, though I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll see a Switch port. Devolver really loves Nintendo’s hybrid device and Loop Hero seems like a perfect fit.

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