Developers Are Admitting Their "Game Dev Sins" On Twitter

It's Monday and by some miracle, Twitter is still functioning. Well, it might not be by the time you read this. With the social media platform seemingly hurtling towards oblivion, game devs have been confessing their sins.

The trend was started by Overwatch artist Dann_sw (thanks, PC Gamer). Dann admitted to hiding abstracted versions of Loss in multiple games, claiming you'll never be able to find them. For those unfamiliar with the Loss meme, it was born from the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del's unexpected attempt to include a miscarriage in one of its strips. An attempt readers deemed so unsuccessful that yes, it has now been a meme for the past decade.

Loss appears to be a popular “sin” among devs, as Dann's confession has prompted people who worked on Maneater, Super Meat Boy Forever, and A Hat In Time to admit they've done the same. Others have confessed to secretly including images of bananas and the Naruto run in their games, unbeknownst to anyone else until now.

Not all of the weekend's Twitter game dev confessions related to hiding images in textures, probably never to be found. Outstarwalker revealed that they felt the need to submit a ticket while working on The Witcher 3 to address Triss's boob jiggle. “Tbh it was well needed because when she did 180 turn her boobs would keep on jiggling for solid 15 seconds,” Outstar revealed. Still waiting on a confession from the dev who added the 15-second jiggle in the first place.

The thread of sins is well worth checking out as it only continues to grow. Best do it now rather than later too as who knows how long Twitter will be in a usable state? Other confessions include the Guardians of the Galaxy referring to their alternate name actually being a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference, and the reveal that in the Outer Wilds, the player doesn't move. The universe moves around them to make movement smoother.

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