Destiny 2’s Next Season Might Be All About Linear Fusion Rifles Thanks To New Weapon Balance Changes

Yesterday, Bungie revealed sandbox changes coming in Destiny 2’s Season of [REDACTED], which might turn out to be Season of the Splicer or Season of the Collectives, depending on which leak you buy into. One thing that we won’t have to speculate on is upcoming weapon balance changes, with Linear Fusion Rifles coming away the clear winner.

Along with outlining the new rules for The World’s Second Vault of Glass Raid, Bungie told us that Precision Auto Rifles will get a damage buff, regular Fusion Rifles will get a boost to their minimum range values, and Linear Fusion Rifles will get a straight 15% damage buff to precision hits.

That’s about half the damage buff given to Rockets at the beginning of Season of the Chosen, and some are wondering if it’ll be enough to bring Linear Fusion rifles into the PvE meta.

Reddit user Hawkmoona_Matata has run the numbers and said that Sleeper Stimulant will out-DPS everything in the game with a 15% damage boost and a completed catalyst. This might lead you to start grinding out Nightfalls to find the catalyst if you haven’t already gotten it.

Destiny 2 YouTuber Ehroar is a little less excited about the Linear Fusion Rifle buff coming next season. Although his numbers vary from Hawkmoona_Matata due to different testing methods, Ehroar says in his latest video that Linear Fusions will have decent DPS and great total damage over their entire ammo reserves, but will still be behind Rockets and Swords when it comes to burst and sustained damage.

Other changes coming in Season 14 include buffs to underused perks such as Sympathetic Arsenal and Celerity, which will both get a bonus to reload speed in addition to their other effects. Subsistence, No Distractions, Bottomless Grief, Hip-fire Grip, Unrelenting, and Iron Grip, Gaze, and Reach are all getting buffs, which you can read about in the latest blog post here.

Destiny 2 Season 14 arrives on May 11.

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