Destiny 2’s Golgoroth Is Scaring Players With An Extremely Loud Roar

Destiny 2, despite being a live service shooter, has its share of horror – and I'm not talking about the hundreds of activity markers or the collaboration with Fortnite. Who can forget that the moon, after all, is haunted by the Hive, and Eris Morn had to resort to some body horror in order to get out of there after months of being stranded. However, this horror is mostly incidental and comes up only as lore. There aren't jump scares like we've seen in say, the Resident Evil series. Until now, that is.

Season of Plunder dropped only a few days ago, giving Guardians an Arc 3.0 subclass update and the return of the classic King’s Fall raid. While there's nothing wrong with the raid itself, should the Fireteam happen to get wiped while fighting one of the bosses, Golgoroth, they're treating to an ear shattering scream to add insult to injury. I'm not exaggerating, the roar is loud that it's an issue, especially if you're wearing headphones.

This is clearly a bug of some kind, as Bungie has addressed it and has said that a fix will be coming soon – until then, you're just going to have to quickly take off your headphones when your Fireteam gets wiped. "We’re aware of an issue where Golgoroth can sometimes produce an extremely loud roar in the King’s Fall raid, tweeted Bungie." It’s recommended to lower your audio output when fighting Golgoroth until a fix can be implemented."

The replies to the tweet are filled with videos of players reacting to Golgoroth eardrum-bursting scream. While it is funny watching them get startled – especially just after the disappointment of getting wiped – some players could be harmfully affected by it if, suppose, they had their volume turned up a bit too high on noise-canceling headphones.

While the devs are working on disabling this gut-wrenching scream, Bungie has already disabled heavy ammo grenade launchers. This was done as a response to the accidental buffing of these grenade launchers, by upto 150 percent, instead of the planned 10 percent. The timing of this coincided with the launch of the King’s Fall raid, so the devs didn't want players cheesing their way through it.

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