Destiny 2’s Future Raids And Dungeons Will Get Master Difficulty, Bungie Confirms

Raids are one of the key selling points for Destiny 2. With every expansion, Bungie tends to introduce a brand-new raid in Destiny 2 that ties with the expansion’s storyline. Last year, Bungie revealed another endgame pinnacle activity – Dungeons. Dungeons in Destiny 2 have their own unique mechanics, locations, and storyline. Compared to the raids, dungeons are quite shorter. In the Road to The Witch Queen blog-post released last month, Bungie revealed that all future raids and dungeons will be getting master difficulty levels in Destiny 2.

On February 25, Bungie released a massive State of the Game blog-post talking about the future of Destiny 2. Joe Blackburn, Assistant Director at Bungie, talked about The Witch Queen, new Stasis changes, and the Vault of Glass’ return in Season 14. He also stated that all future RAD (raid and dungeon) content will “offer Master difficulty versions, where players can earn Adept raid and dungeon gear.”

As for the Vault of Glass raid master difficulty, Bungie confirmed that it will be coming in Destiny 2 by the end of this year, so sometime in season 15 or season 16 as it will be the final season of 2021 before The Witch Queen launches.

Right now, Season of the Chosen is going strong in Destiny 2. Players are enjoying the new content and Caiatl’s storyline a lot. Not to mention, the new exotic quest – Presage, is incredible, spooky, and offers one of the best-looking exotics in the game.

Destiny 2 players will be seeing a return of Guardian Games later this season with new armor sets, which have been datamined (spoiler warning!) along with the really cool-looking ghost shells.

It looks like this year’s Guardian Games will focus on strike playlists which is a huge improvement compared to the endless bounty simulator that we got last year. There will also be a class-specific strike playlist, meaning if you’re a Hunter, you will be matchmaking with players with Hunter class only.

Season of the Chosen ends on May 11, 2021, with the launch of season 14, which will be going on for another three months or so, according to the newly datamined details.

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