Destiny 2’s Empyrean Foundation Might Bring Back Trials Of Osiris

Destiny 2’s next season might see the return of the Trials of Osiris, if datamined info from the latest update is to be trusted.

Destiny 2’s PvP community has been feeling somewhat neglected for some time. Head over to the Destiny 2 subreddit and you’ll see at least one daily post about how the PvP side of the game has been virtually ignored outside of a new ritual weapon with each season.

What players want is a return of the sort of PvP-focused events that were a staple of the first Destiny. They want the Trials of Osiris back, and it looks like they just might get it.

The latest patch–besides causing such economic mayhem that it required everyone’s accounts to be rolled back and the servers to be down for 10 hours–brought a bunch of info that is related to Season 10. Dataminers have plumbed the depths of this info and have found a few nice tidbits.

First, it will be called Season of the Worthy, and there’s a line in the code that directly refers to the return of the Trials of Osiris: “With the restoration of the Lighthouse complete, Trials of Osiris and more will return in Season of the Worthy.”

Restoring the Lighthouse will be the next event to take place in Destiny 2 starting next week. Called the “Empyrean Foundation,” it will finally give Destiny players a reason to stop hoarding their Polarized Fractaline that they’ve been gathering all season long. That Fractaline can be donated to the fixing the Lighthouse on Mercury in addition to giving players a new way to acquire Legendary gear quickly and easily.

As for the Trials of Osiris, that seems almost certain to come in Season 10. Back in Destiny 1, the Trials of Osiris were a PvP event that awarded unique gear for players that were able to achieve a string of victories. It was considerably difficult to do as the top-tier rewards required players to win 9 times in a row without a single loss in order to obtain them.

Season of the Worthy does sound a lot like it could be more of a PvP-focused season, so players had better get their Crucible loadouts ready.

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