Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Disabled For Remainder Of The Weekend Due To Fireteam Rejoin Problem

Bungie has recently disabled Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris PvP pinnacle activity after discovering that win trading, the supposed reason it was canceled previously, was still occurring. The “Hakke Emblem Method” to guarantee a flawless card—achieving seven consecutive wins—has not changed whatsoever.

The delay was announced on Twitter this morning.

For those who missed the last Trials cancellation, a certain subset of the Destiny 2 community figured out a way to trade wins amongst each other, bypassing any losses on their Trials of Osiris card to guarantee a trip to the Lighthouse. Here’s the general process involved with that strategy:

  1. Have two members of the fireteam equip the “Hakke Upgrade” emblem.
  2. The third player will use any emblem other than the Hakke emblem. All three players will load into Trials on a “burner” character—a character that only collects losses.
  3. That team queues into Trials of Osiris. If they find a team with the Hakke emblems, they proceed to message the enemy team. If they find actual players, they leave the match. Since they’re on burner characters, the losses don’t matter.
  4. Both players not using Hakke emblems will message each other. One member from each team will then roll a random number. Whoever gets the higher number wins the match.
  5. The team that wins leaves the game, logs onto their main characters, then rejoins the match to claim their win. The losing team leaves the game once the winning team rejoins.

That process was the supposed reason Trials of Osiris was canceled a few weeks ago. It seems Bungie must have fixed something else because the exact same strategy mentioned above was still possible this week. Players used the same emblem, played on the same burner characters, and joined in progress the same way before claiming their win. Whatever changes Bungie made to Trials either had nothing to do with fixing this issue or fixed an unrelated problem.

Players interested in farming an Igneous Hammer of Adept Messenger will have to wait for Trials to come back in future weeks. It is currently unknown when Bungie will reenable this game mode. Judging from how Trials has been handled since Beyond Light’s release, there’s a good chance we won’t see its return until much later this season, if at all.

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