Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Weapon Crafting Guide

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen allows Guardians to craft their own weapons for the first time in franchise history. While Menagerie and other seasonal activities have let players force certain weapons to spawn, The Witch Queen's weapon crafting system allows for a level of control never before seen in Destiny 2.

Players can make weapons with the exact barrels, magazine perks, main traits, and even the Masterwork they wish. Crafted weapons have also introduced enhanced perks, Weapon Patterns, and a new resource economy that will take some getting used to. For those looking to craft their own god rolls to slay Savathun's Lucent Brood, here is a complete guide to weapon crafting in Destiny 2.

What Is Weapon Crafting?

Weapon crafting is a system introduced in The Witch Queen expansion that allows you to create weapons with the exact perks you want. Instead of relying on the RNG nature of weapon drops, you can instead earn materials and use various weapons to craft your own god roll. Just about every aspect of your gun can be tweaked with this system, right down to your Masterwork.

Can You Make God Rolls With Weapon Crafting?

Yes. You can customize a weapon's barrel, magazine perks, two main perks, and its Masterwork bonus. If you're looking for a very specific roll on your favorite gun, you can make it with enough time and resources.

Are There Any Limits To Weapon Crafting?

Not all weapons can be crafted. Most of the weapons added in The Witch Queen can be crafted, but you're unable to craft weapons from specific playlists, raids, or make Adept gear.

If I Can Craft Weapons, Why Farm For Guns At All?

Weapons found in the wild are needed to unlock perks for weapon crafting, and certain weapons cannot be crafted. This system just ensures that obtaining a good roll for most of Destiny 2's general weapons is a straightforward and deterministic process. The activities that lack craftable weapons typically have Umbral Focusing options or have small perk pools to roll from.

Can You Craft Exotic Weapons?

Some of them, yes. You'll craft class-exclusive Glaives as you progress through The Witch Queen campaign. Some other Exotics tied to this expansion can also be crafted, allowing you to alter their barrel, magazine, and stock perks. You cannot change an Exotic's main or intrinsic traits, nor can you change Exotics that were introduced before The Witch Queen expansion.

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How To Unlock Weapon Crafting

Upon completing the first mission of The Witch Queen campaign, you'll unlock the Deep Sight ability and access to the Enclave, a secluded area in Mars that acts as a weapon forge for Guardians. An introductory quest named "The Relic" will guide you through the very basics of weapons crafting and unlock all of the Enclave's features.

The missions required to access the Enclave are free to all players. You do not need to own The Witch Queen expansion to access weapon crafting.

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Unlocking Patterns And Perks

Before you can craft any weapon, you're going to need a Pattern. Patterns are obtained through certain questlines and by completing The Witch Queen's various activities. By default, you'll have access to a Legendary Glaive Pattern, allowing you to experiment with this new weapon type.

You might have a Pattern for your weapon, but what good is a weapon without perks? Unlocking perks for weapon crafting will require you to use weapons with Deepsight Resonance. These weapons have a red border around their UI icon to denote their unique property. Inspecting any weapon with Deepsight Resonance will showcase an objective you'll need to complete, similar to Exotic Catalysts. When you've completed this mini-quest, you'll extract the essence of one of the weapon's perks, as specified in the Deepsight Resonance on that weapon.

Resonance extraction does not destroy your weapon.

This Deepsight Resonance extraction will grant crafting materials used in forging or reshaping your guns. You will have at least one of three extraction options: Ruinous, Mutable, or Energetic Element from your weapon, all of which also grant Neutral Element. These resources are needed to craft certain perks on your weapon.

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Crafting Your Weapon

You now have the basic components for making a weapon. Head to Mars' Enclave to start the crafting process. Interacting with the central device will display a UI with two options:

  1. Shape: Craft a new weapon using the Patterns, Deepsight Resonance, and other materials you've gathered.
  2. Reshape: Change the perks on a pre-existing weapon you've crafted.

Reshaping is much simpler than creating a new weapon, so let's talk about making weapons first.

Shaping A Weapon

You'll be asked to select a Weapon Pattern before proceeding. This is just selecting the weapon you want to make, like a certain SMG model or Rocket Launcher. If you don't have the specific Pattern for a weapon you wish to craft, you'll need to unlock it. You can find the unlock requirements for each Weapon Pattern on theTriumphs page.

From here, you'll now need to select the perks on your weapon. You have quite a few options here:

  • Intrinsic Trait: This acts as your Masterwork bonus for the weapon.
  • Barrel: Grants a bump to your weapon's core stats (stability, handling, range, and reload speed).
  • Magazine: Magazine perks alter magazine capacity, reload speed, range, and other base stats.
  • Trait #1: One of your weapon's main perks (Rapid Hit, Outlaw, et cetera).
  • Trait #2: One of your weapon's main perks (Rampage, Kill Clip, et cetera).
  • Momento: Adds visual flair or a unique tracker to your weapon. These are consumed once the weapon is forged.

Not all options will be unlocked when you start the weapon crafting process. To unlock additional perk options, you must increase your weapon level (explained in the next section).


At any time, you can return to the Enclave to reforge the perks on your weapon. This will cost crafting resources for each reshape. You can reforge a crafted weapon as much as you'd like, but you cannot reforge weapons found in the wild. Certain perks can only be applied to your weapons through the reshaping process, so come back to the Enclave whenever you've leveled your weapon to see what new options are available to you.

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Increasing Weapon Level

Crafted weapons in Destiny 2 have a weapon level attached to them, separate from the item's Power Level. Defeating enemies and completing objectives with that weapon will grant XP towards its next level. When the weapon levels up, additional crafting options become available for use at the Enclave through the reshaping process. It appears that weapons have a level cap of 16, but we'll need to confirm this through more in-game testing. For now, just use your crafted weapons like normal, and they should level up at a steady rate.

Fast Weapon Level Farm

Kill farms are an excellent way to quickly level your weapons. Last Wish's Shuro Chi encounter and Shattered Throne's Thrall hallway encounters have plentiful Taken enemies you can kill to level your weapons quickly. Both encounters can be farmed solo. Objective completions also give a large chunk of XP, so any activities that have nested objectives (like campaign missions) should also be a great XP farm for crafted weapons.

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Enhanced Perks

Unique to crafted weapons, players can create enhanced versions of Destiny 2's iconic perks to give them an edge over their non-enhanced counterparts. Just about every main trait available in weapon crafting can be enhanced. Enhanced perks unlock rather late in a weapon's leveling progression, and each enhanced perk requires an Ascendant Alloy to craft, a new currency type available for purchase from Master Rahool and Banshee-44. You can also earn Ascendant Alloys from weekly campaign missions in the Throne World and The Wellspring activity.

Every Enhanced Perk

Perk Enhanced Bonus
Adagio Extends duration
Adaptive Munitions Improves damage increase
Adrenaline Junkie Extends duration
Ambitious Assassin Overflows more rounds
Archer's Tempo Extends duration
Auto-Loading Holster Activates faster
Chain Reaction Improves ammo reserves
Chill Clip +5 Stability
Clown Cartridge Overflows more rounds on average
Compulsive Reloader Stronger perk effect
Cornered +5 Stability
Danger Zone +5 Blast Radius
Demolitionist Grants more grenade energy
Disruption Break Debuff duration extended
Dragonfly +5 Reload Speed
Dual Loader Reloads three shells at a time, from two
Elemental Capacitor Stronger perk effect
Encore Extends duration
Ensemble Stronger perk effect
Explosive Head +5 Accuracy
Explosive Light +5 Velocity
Eye of the Storm +5 Stability
Feeding Frenzy Stronger perk effect
Field Prep Greatly increases ammo reserves
Firing Line +5 Range
Firmly Planted Stronger perk effect
Focused Fury Extends duration
Fourth Time's The Charm Grace period extended
Frenzy Extends duration
Genesis Kinetic weapons overflow from reserves
Golden Tricorn Extends duration
Grave Robber +5 Reload Speed
Harmony Extends duration
Headseeker +5 Stability
Headstone +5 Stability
Heating Up Extends duration
Hip-Fire Grip Stronger perk effect
Impulse Amplifier Stronger perk effect
Kill Clip Extends duration
Killing Wind Extends duration
Lasting Impression Stronger perk effect
Lead from Gold Grants more ammo for the equipped weapon
Moving Target Grants additional aim assist
No Distractions Perk activates sooner
One For All Extends duration
One-Two Punch Extends duration
Opening Shot Stronger perk effect
Outlaw Stronger perk effect, extends duration
Overflow Overflow cap increased (more than double your mag)
Perpetual Motion Perk activates sooner

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Crafting Tips

  • While leveling, equip any Resonance weapons you get. Their crafting resources will prove useful when you start to use this system.
  • If you haven't cleaned out your Vault yet, do so. Dismantled Legendary weapons grant crafting resources and Gunsmith reputation.
  • View the Triumphs tab to learn the acquisition method for each Weapon Pattern.
  • You can obtain Ascendant Alloys from the Witch Queen campaign (weekly lockout) and The Wellspring activity. Clear those first before purchasing any from Rahool or Banshee.
  • Check out and D2Gunsmith to look at potential perk combinations for all craftable weapons.

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