Destiny 2: Season Of The Plunder Community Event Guide

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Destiny 2's Season of the Plunder has launched a community event to wrap up this season's storyline. The Vanguard is requesting Guardians to donate any Captain's Coins they find to the Eliksni Quarter, and anyone up to the task will be greatly rewarded.

This community event enhances the rewards of most activities, ranging from Ketchcrash to the King's Fall raid. Participating in this community event is a great way to earn seasonal red border weapons and even Eververse Engrams. We'll cover how community events work, the best Captain's Coin farms, and the rewards you can expect from donating your coins.

What Is A Community Event?

Destiny 2's community events encourage players to pool their resources together to unlock rewards. Seasonal activities are enhanced with new currency types which can be donated at a kiosk in the Tower, granting reward bundles and progressing the overall community event goal. Once the community has donated enough materials, a reward will unlock for everyone that logs in for the rest of the event's duration. This reward varies from event, ranging from emblems to sought-after weapons.

Season of the Plunder's community event is all about collecting Captain's Coins, a new currency type that drops from Ketchcrash, Expedition, destination chests, and King's Fall raid encounters. Donate these coins to the Donation Chest in the Tower, and you'll receive reward packages and increase your reputation with the Eliksni Quarter, unlocking its own rewards. This community event runs from November 22 to December 6.

Why Should I Participate?

Red border weapons from Season of the Plunder have a high drop chance from event reward bundles. If you're looking to fill out your red border collection this season, the community event is the easiest way of doing so. And if you're a new or returning Destiny 2 player, this community event is a great way of earning Legendary Shards, Masterwork materials, and Upgrade Modules.

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A Rising Tide Quest Guide

The third step of this quest is tied to community donations. If you're stuck on step three of Rising Tide, this is normal. A total of 40,000,000 Captain's Coins must be donated before additional quest objectives unlock.

Travel to the Tower and visit the Donation Chest to receive "A Rising Tide." This quest is quite simple and showcases how the community event works:

  1. Visit the Donations Chest.
  2. Collect one Captain's Coin.
  3. Donate one Captain's Coin.
  4. Reach community donation thresholds to unlock additional rewards.
    • See below for exact donation goals.

You'll find Captain's Coins by looting destination chests or completing Ketchcrash, Expedition, or King's Fall encounters. You only need to find one Captain's Coin to progress the quest, so we recommend looting a destination chest. Head back to the Donation Chest at the Tower and select the donation option. This will remove all Captain's Coins from your inventory and grant reward caches. The more coins you donate, the more rewards you'll receive. There's no donation limit, so feel free to farm Captain's Coins during this event.

Community Donation Goals

Goal I 40,000,000 Coins
Goal II 80,000,000 Coins
Goal III 140,000,000 Coins
Goal IV 200,000,000 Coins
Goal V 260,000,000 Coins
Goal VI 320,000,000 Coins
Goal VII 400,000,000 Coins

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How To Quickly Farm Captain's Coins

Before we recommend a farm, it's important to note how many Captain's Coins you receive from each activity tied to this community event. Tougher activities tend to have better payouts, although the time investment isn't always equal.

Source Captain's Coins
Destination Chests 3
Lost Sector Chests 14
Ketchcrash 50
Expedition 50
King's Fall (per encounter) 100

Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches may also drop Captain's Coins if you have the "Parts of a Whole" emblem equipped, acquired from the Donation Chest in the Tower. Based on these values, we have three coin farms we can recommend, each tailored for different types of players.

Easiest Captain's Coin Farm – Lost Sectors

If you're looking for a chill Captain's Coin farm, we recommend Lost Sectors. These don't have to be Legend or Master difficulty either. You'll earn 14 Captain's Coins for every Lost Sector you clear, leading to solid hourly yields if you farm shorter Lost Sectors. Legend and Master Lost Sectors don't grant additional coins, so play at whichever difficulty you find the most enjoyable.

As for which Lost Sectors to farm, consider farming Skydock IV (EDZ) and Perdition (Europa). Both are fairly short and should only take a couple of minutes to clear.

Efficient Captain's Coins Farm – Expedition

Players looking to chase titles and red border weapons should farm Expedition during the community event. Each run will grant 50 Captain's Coins, and upgrades from the Star Chart will ensure you'll be getting seasonal weapons—some of which will be red borders—and Plundered Umbral Energy with each clear. Paired with the high chance of red border drops from the donation reward bundles, this is the easiest way of unlocking craftable Season of the Plunder weapons currently.

The Best Captain's Coin Farm – King's Fall Daughters Farm

The best Captain's Coin farm for this event is the Daughter's encounter in King's Fall. If you're someone who can raid, each clear of the Daughter's encounter will drop 100 Captain's Coins. This is significant because the Daughters encounter can easily be cleared in three to five minutes.

It's also an easy encounter that non-raiders can farm. Look for checkpoints farmers on LFG forums and Discord servers, and bring a good Linear Fusion Rifle. We cover the encounter's mechanics in our King's Fall guide if you're new or need a refresher.

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Community Event Rewards

Donating Captain's Coins has a high chance of granting an Eliksni Quarter Gift Box. These boxes can drop Glimmer, Resonance Weapons, Bright Dust, and even Eververse Engrams. Glimmer and red border weapons seem to have high drop chances from the boxes.

Additionally, the Donation Chest also has a progression system that mirrors ritual vendors, granting bonus rewards based on how many Captain's Coins you've donated throughout the event. The vendor rewards are as follows:

Reward Donation Requirement
Parts of a Whole – Emblem 1 Captain's Coin
x5 Enhancement Core 300 Captain's Coins
x3 Upgrade Module 600 Captain's Coins
x1 Eliksni Quarter Gift Box 1,000 Captain's Coins
x2 Enhancement Prism 1,400 Captain's Coins
x1 Ascendant Shard 1,800 Captain's Coins
Swashbuckler Shell – Ghost Shell 2,400 Captain's Coins

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