Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid release date, time, World First Race

Destiny 2 players are counting down to the start of the new Lightfall Raid, which kicks off on Friday evening. The Root of the Nightmare Raid has a March 10 launch date and a 5pm GMT UK start time. Needless to say, the Destiny 2 Raid will have a competitive element, with players aiming to be World First Race to finish first.

The news was announced by Destiny 2 developer Bungie on Twitter, alongside a preview of what to expect.

“Tomorrow, March 10 at 9 AM PST, many of you will be entering the Root of Nightmares raid to compete in the World First Race,” reads a Bungie tweet.

In a follow up tweet, the Destiny 2 developer confirmed that Twitch viewers will receive an exclusive emblem for watching.

“Before we get into the rules, we wanted to let you know that Bungie is teaming up with Twitch Rivals for the Destiny 2: Lightfall World First Race!

“Twitch Drops will be enabled, granting viewers an exclusive emblem if they watch the Twitch Rivals stream or a participating partner or affiliate for at least two hours between 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM PST.”

While little is known about the new Raid gameplay, Bungie has dropped hints about the story.

It all revolves around a “haunting presence” and an ancient enemy, presumably in the new location added as part of Lightfall.

“Ferried from an unknown time and place, a haunting presence has been detected. We must now confront the ancient threat growing at our doorstep,” Bungie explains.

In terms of rules, contest mode will be available for just over 48-hours, beginning at 5pm GMT on March 10 and ending at 6pm GMT on March 12.

According to Bungie, participants will need to be at 1780 Power to be at the cap for all of the encounters.

The Contest Mode will cap players at 20 Power below each encounter of the raid for the full duration of the event.

Artifact Power is enabled up to the cap of 1780, and multiple items will be disabled.

“The first fireteam to complete the raid, loot the final chest, and return to orbit will be crowned the winner of the World First race once the team reviews their clear,” Bungie adds.

Validating the victory will take some time, so it’s worth continuing even if you think you’ve been bested by another team. The winners will be officially notified on Twitter.

The winners will receive a set of World First title belts, while Root of Nightmares jackets will be available from the Bungie Store for anybody who completes the Raid before March 21.

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