Destiny 2 Players Wear Gold To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and it's a month with special meaning to Destiny 2 player Shawn Patrick Lafferty. He lost his daughter to Ewing's Sarcoma, a progressive form of pediatric cancer, in May 2020. Ever since September the year before, Lafferty has asked Guardians to wear gold for the month to honor her memory and to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

"No monetary gains here, just a supportive gesture asked by one dad to others," wrote Lafferty in his post to the Dadstiny Facebook Group. "So I am asking again if you would, my fellow dads and Guardians, to please join me and go gold for the month of September."

That post was later picked up by Twitch streamers like AnneMunition and Datto, who tweeted the post to an even wider audience on Twitter. The post was then sent to the Destiny Fashion subreddit, where Guardians have been posting their golden outfits for the past week.

If you'd like to show your support, GameSpot has a list of suggested shaders that will give your Guardian a golden hue. Those shaders include:

  • Golden Empire
  • Gold Leaf
  • Golden Trace
  • Kairos Gold
  • Midnight Talons
  • Omnichronia
  • Peat Bog Boogie
  • Precursor Vex Chrome
  • Shadow Gilt
  • Testudo
  • Vintage Timber

Veterans will also have a few additional shaders sitting in their Collections. These shaders are no longer available, so new Guardians will unfortunately not be able to wear them (unless Xur starts selling some older armor sets that feature these shaders). Retired golden shaders include:

  • Calus Treasured
  • Calus’ Shadow
  • Dawning Welcome
  • Iron Gold
  • Verdant Crown

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