Destiny 2: Nightmare Containment Guide

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Season of the Haunted introduces two new activities to Destiny 2; a public event in the new Derelict Leviathan patrol zone called Nightmare Containment, and a repeatable mission called Sever. The activities are linked through a resource called Bound Presence you must farm in Nightmare Containment and spend in Sever. While Sever is a fairly straightforward mission similar to last year's Presage, Nightmare Containment is considerably more complex, with multiple phases to complete and different resources to manage. If you're struggling to wrap your mind around the ins and outs of Nightmare Containment, this guide will walk you through the activity, how to complete it, and what rewards you can expect.

What Is Nightmare Containment?

Found on the new Derelict Leviathan patrol zone, Nightmare Containment is a farmable public event similar to the Moon's Altar of Sorrow. The activity can be found in the center chamber of the Leviathan known as the Castellum and is always active. Once you zone in, head to the red Season of the Haunted marker and interact with it to plant your Nightmare Harvester and begin the activity.

There are two ways to load into the Derelict Leviathan. If you're planning to do the Nightmare Containment, make sure you switch to the 'Containment' option instead of the 'Castellum' option. This will help ensure there are other players in the zone to help you. If you load in and there's no one else there, just reload into the zone using the Containment option until you find a group

The Nightmare Containment activity has three tiers. The first two have four phases, while the final tier is the boss fight. If you run out of time and fail to complete a tier, you'll still advance to the next one. It's unclear at this time if failing a tier affects your rewards.

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