Destiny 2: How To Earn The MMXXII Title

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  • Reward Triumphs
  • Raid Runner, Dungeon Diver
  • Triumphant Achiever
  • Psionic Operator
  • Severance
  • Savior Of The Seven Seas
  • Rebuilding Rasputin
  • Vanguard Victory
  • Gambit Gauntlet
  • Crucible Contract
  • Trials Wins
  • Ordeal
  • Taskmaster
  • But This One Is Mine
  • Buildcrafter
  • Don't Call It A Staff
  • Empty Throne
  • The Witch Queen—Legendary
  • Buddy Up
  • Vow Of The Disciple
  • King's Fall
  • Thoughtstealer
  • Crisis Inverted
  • Here We Go Again
  • I'll Build It Myself
  • Signal Jammer
  • Solid Seraph

Destiny 2's is celebrating its fifth year with Moments of Triumph, a yearly event where players get to earn a unique title for showcasing their dedication to all of Destiny 2's core activities. Showcase your mastery in ritual content, seasonal activities, and endgame raids to get your hands on one of Destiny 2's most time-intensive titles. You have until the launch of Lightfall to get this title.

While this title is undeniably grindy, most of these Triumphs are retroactive and were tracked since The Witch Queen launched. So long as you've been playing throughout the year, you'd be surprised just how quickly you can earn MMXXII. This guide will cover how to complete all 30 Triumphs tied to this title, providing tips and resources for getting this title as quickly as possible.

Nearly every Triumph is retroactive. Only 28 of the 30 listed Triumphs need to be completed to earn MMXXII.

Reward Triumphs

Four Triumphs tied to MMXXII simply require you to earn other Triumphs for this title. Unlike most other Triumphs in this guide, these four Triumphs grant rewards in the form of emblems or discounts for Bungie merchandise. The Triumphs themselves are as follows:

  • Reward: Emblem (#1): Complete a Triumph tied to MMXXII.
  • Reward: Emblem (#2): Complete 5 Triumphs tied to MMXXII.
  • Reward: Emblem (#3): Complete 10 Triumphs tied to MMXXII.
  • T-Shirt Unlocked at Bungie Store: Complete 15 Triumphs tied to MMXXII.

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Raid Runner, Dungeon Diver

Raid Runner, Dungeon Diver: Complete the following raid and dungeon objectives to earn a special Sparrow and emblem.

This Triumph has six objectives tied to it, all of which require you to play dungeons and raids released in 2022. You'll need to own The Witch Queen expansion and Duality dungeon to complete these objectives. We're going to list the challenges below and link to guides for each dungeon and raid.

  1. Complete the Vow of the Disciple raid.
  2. Complete the King's Fall raid.
  3. Complete the Duality dungeon.
  4. Complete the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.
  5. Complete six raid/dungeon rotator challenges.
    • This is referring to the weekly pinnacle dungeon/raid, not raid challenges.
    • Clear the pinnacle raid/dungeon that week to receive credit.
  6. Unlock a weapon pattern from a raid or dungeon.

Use the links above to learn how to complete each raid, dungeon, or rotator challenges. For the weapon pattern challenge, we recommend farming the Duality dungeon once it gets patched. Caiatl is supposed to be farmable while Duality is the weekly pinnacle dungeon, but this is currently bugged. When this gets patched, her boss fight has a high chance of dropping resonance variants of Duality's craftable weapons: Fixed Odds and The Epicurean.

If Duality never gets patched, run King's Fall or Vow of the Disciple every week. The end of either raid allows you to purchase a red border weapon for 20 Spoils of Conquest. Purchase the same weapon over the course of five weeks to finish this objective.

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Triumphant Achiever

Triumphant Achiever: Attain an impressive Triumph score.

You must reach 10,000 Triumph score on your account to finish this Triumph. If you've been playing Destiny 2 consistently over the course of the year, you should have enough score to automatically turn this in. If not, we highly recommend you visit This is a community-made website that has a can track your account's active Triumphs, which ones you're close to completing, and lets you sort through Triumphs. Look for Triumphs with high score values and start grinding.

If you want some general recommendations for quickly building up Triumph score:

  • Complete Subclass Triumphs: Each subclass has Triumphs for landing ability kills. Complete these for every class and subclass for an easy 3K+ Triumph score.
  • Chase Titles: Titles require you to complete a ton of high-value Triumphs tied to a particular season. Farm for the current seasonal title, then work your way through previous seasonal titles.
  • Play Forsaken Content: Dreaming City, Shattered Throne, and Last Wish Triumphs give 25-100 Triumph score each, and most of these Triumphs are quite easy to complete.

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Psionic Operator

Psionic Operator: Complete the mission "Operation Elbrus."

Operation Elbrus is the seasonal questline for Season of the Risen. If you do not own Risen, you must purchase the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition to access this content. "Operation Elbrus" is a four-step quest that requires you to play PsiOps Battlegrounds and visit the War Table at the H.E.L.M.

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Severance: Complete the mission "Bound in Sorrow."

Bound in Sorrow is the seasonal questline for Season of the Haunted. If you don't own Season of the Haunted, you'll need to buy the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition to access this content. This questline requires you to play Nightmare Containment, an activity accessible in the Moon's Leviathan patrol space, and finish a short series of story-themed Sever missions. "Bound in Sorrow" has seven quest steps.

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Savior Of The Seven Seas

Saviour of the Seven Seas: Journey to each of the Pirate Hideouts and defeat the Pirate Lords within.

This Triumph requires Season of the Plunder ownership, accessible through the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition if you didn't purchase last season. You'll need to complete Plunder's seasonal questline to complete this Triumph. There are eight steps in total, each requiring you to complete the Ketchcrash activity before clearing out a Pirate Hideout.

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Rebuilding Rasputin

Rebuilding Rasputin: Complete the quest "More Than a Weapon."

This Triumph requires Season of the Seraph ownership, available in the Eververse store for 1,000 Silver. "More Than a Weapon" has seven steps, each requiring you to complete a Heist Battleground and the occasional Operation mission. The third step of this quest requires you to complete "Operation: Seraph's Shield," an Exotic quest that is on-par with a Legendary Witch Queen campaign mission. Check out our Seraph's Shield guide if you get stuck on this step.

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Vanguard Victory

Vanguard Victory: Defeat combatants in Vanguard playlists with any of the following ritual weapons: Reckless Endangerment, Chain of Command, Cry Mutiny, or Veles-X.

Vanguard Victory requires you to defeat 300 enemies in Vanguard playlists with ritual weapons that released this year. We highly recommend using this season's Veles-X Pulse Rifle to get this done. Use a Void subclass to proc its Golden Tricorn perk, allowing you to dish out a substantial amount of damage for a Primary. If you're a Hunter, the Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Exotic allows you to trigger Volatile Rounds with ease. Pair that Exotic with Repulsor Brace for permanent overshields.

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Gambit Gauntlet

Gambit Gauntlet: Defeat targets in Gambit with any of the following ritual weapons: Reckless Endangerment, Chain of Command, Cry Mutiny, or Veles-X.

Gambit Gauntlet requires you to defeat 200 enemies or Guardians in Gambit with 2022's ritual weapons. We recommend either using Veles-X or Chain of Command to get this done quickly. Chain of Command is a Machine Gun that can easily chew through adds. Ammo won't be an issue since Heavy spawns after every Gambit wave. For Veles-X, play a Void subclass to take advantage of Golden Tricorn's massive damage increase.

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Crucible Contract

Crucible Contract: Defeat Guardians in the Crucible with any of the following ritual weapons: Reckless Endangerment, Chain of Command, Cry Mutiny, or Veles-X.

Crucible Contract requires you to defeat 50 Guardians with ritual weapons that released in 2022. You're best off using this season's Veles-X Pulse Rifle since it's a Primary. Use Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip to drastically buff the weapon's lethality after a single kill. Land a kill, reload, and enjoy a massive aim assist and damage buff for the next few seconds.

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Trials Wins

Trials Wins: Win rounds in the Trials of Osiris.

You'll need to win seven rounds in the Trials of Osiris to finish this challenge, emphasis on rounds. You don't need to win any Trials matches to get this done. Try your hardest to win at least one round each game. This is easier said than done. Patience, good game sense, and a coordinated team are key to winning rounds here. Get a fireteam together and equip a good Pulse Rifle before you start playing Trials. If you have a high-level Titan, we recommend playing Striker or Sentinel. Barricades and Pulse Rifles make for a deadly combo in this PvP sandbox.

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Ordeal: Complete Nightfall strikes. Bonus progress for higher-difficulty strikes.

You'll need to clear 20 Nightfalls on the lowest tier to finish this, higher difficulties granting more progress. We highly recommend farming Legend or Master-tier Nightfalls if you have friends to play with. Legend is quite easy if you have anti-Champion mods and are at the recommended Power level. If you don't have anyone to play Destiny with, you can farm Hero-tier Nightfalls to cut the requirement in half and still benefit from matchmaking.

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Taskmaster: Complete bounties.

Pick up 50 bounties and complete them. It's that simple. We recommend grabbing bounties from the ritual vendors—Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter—and Banshee-44 before completing your Pinnacle weeklies. Assuming you complete the bounty weekly for each vendor, that's 32 bounties finished right there. Do that one more time on an alternate character or a future week, and you should be finished in no time at all.

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But This One Is Mine

But This One Is Mine: Gain 20 weapon levels using crafted weapons. Weapon levels can be gained across several weapons.

Any crafted weapon from The Enclave counts here, including Exotics like Osteo Striga. If you can, we highly recommend you craft Osteo Striga and farm enemies in the opening encounter of Grasp of Avarice. Enemies will continue to spawn in the loot cave until you quit the activity, making it a casual kill farm that requires little input.

If you don't own the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC, the Extraction Lost Sector on Savathun's Throne World is a great alternative. Make your way to the plate defense section. So long as you don't capture all three plates, enemies will keep spawning until you leave the area.

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Buildcrafter: Complete playlist or Seasonal activities using each Light subclass.

For this Triumph, you must complete a total of 30 activities, 10 with each subclass element; Stasis does not count. We recommend you pick an element and focus on the other Triumphs tied to MMXXII. Consider playing Arc for Vanguard Ops, Solar for Gambit, and Void for Crucible. Arc has great add clear, Solar has on-demand healing and powerful AoE Ignites, and Void has access to overshields, invisibility, and Devour.

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Don't Call It A Staff

Don't Call It a Staff: Defeat targets with Glaive projectiles and melee final blows. Bonus progress for defeating opposing Guardians.

You'll need to use a Glaive to land 150 melee kills and 150 projectile kills. Once again, you can't go wrong with the opening encounter in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, the Shuro Chi encounter in Last Wish, or the Extraction Lost Sector in Savathun's Throne World. Pick your favorite kill farm.

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Empty Throne

Empty Throne: Complete all Witch Queen campaign missions on any difficulty.

This Triumph requires you to complete all nine Witch Queen campaign missions on Normal or Legendary. We highly recommend clearing the campaign on Legendary difficulty, as this will grant additional loot and complete another Triumph to this title. You can find a complete walkthrough of the Witch Queen campaign on our Witch Queen hub page.

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The Witch Queen—Legendary

The Witch Queen—Legendary: Complete all of The WItch Queen missions on Legendary difficulty.

It's the same requirement as the last Triumph but on Legendary difficulty. You'll have your Power level restricted to a certain level here, making the enemies much harder than ritual content. We recommend bringing good add clear weapons like Trinity Ghoul and Huckleberry for the campaign. A complete walkthrough of the Legendary campaign can be found on our Witch Queen hub page, complete with tips and tricks on how to finish each encounter.

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Buddy Up

Buddy Up: Claim all Rank rewards from Fynch.

Reach rank 16 with Fynch, the vendor for Savathun's Throne World, to finish this Triumph. You earn Fynch reputation by collecting resources, completing activities like public events and Lost Sectors, and clearing the Wellspring activity. We recommend farming Wellspring to get Fynch leveled quickly, purchasing bounties from them whenever possible.

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Vow Of The Disciple

Vow of the Disciple: Complete the "Vow of the Disciple" raid.

You'll need to own the Witch Queen expansion to access this raid. We find this raid to be more mechanically demanding than other raids, particularly the third encounter. Find a sherpa or a group of friends to run Vow with, don't join a random LFG team. As for the raid itself, check out our Vow of the Disciple guide to learn how its encounters work, the best loadouts to bring, and where to find all hidden chests.

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King's Fall

King's Fall: Complete any version of the "King's Fall" raid.

King's Fall is free for all players and arguably easier than Vow of the Disciple. Find a sherpa or friends to run King's Fall with, and bring a good add-clearing weapon to help your team. The boss fights in King's Fall have quite a bit of HP, so we highly recommend bringing a Linear Fusion Rifle as well. Check out our King's Fall guide for in-depth breakdowns of each encounter and loadout recommendations.

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Thoughtstealer: Complete the "Duality" dungeon.

You'll need to own the Duality dungeon to complete this Triumph. We highly recommend you get a group together before playing this dungeon. Duality is closer to a three-player raid than previous dungeons, requiring solid knowledge on mechanics and a good build. Find some like-minded players, bring your favorite build, and check out our Duality guide for references on how each encounter works.

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Crisis Inverted

Crisis Inverted: Complete the "Spire of the Watcher" dungeon.

You'll need to own the Spire of the Watcher dungeon to complete this Triumph. For the dungeon itself, do not solo this if this is your first time. The bosses in this dungeon have much shorter DPS windows than previous dungeons, requiring you to min-max your loadout to kill them in a reasonable amount of time. Beyond that, this dungeon is incredibly easy and shouldn't be taxing for a three-player group. Get a fireteam together and follow our Spire of the Watcher guide for encounter breakdowns and loadout recommendations.

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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again: Complete 6 raid or dungeon rotator challenges.

Here We Go Again is poorly worded and is not referring to rotating raid challenges. This Triumph requires you to complete the weekly pinnacle raid or dungeon six times. Each week, one raid and one dungeon will be picked as a source of Pinnacle Gear, requiring you to clear the final encounter. You just need to complete the activity to gain progress, no other challenges required. Alternate characters grant progress as well, so you can complete this in a single week if you complete the weekly raid and dungeon on all three of your characters.

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I'll Build It Myself

I'll Build It Myself: Acquire 1 weapon pattern from a raid or dungeon.

The final encounter of Duality is bugged and doesn't drop loot on subsequent clears while it's a Pinnacle dungeon. The Gahlran and Vault encounters work as expected.

The best source of pinnacle weapon patterns is the Duality dungeon. Defeating Caiatl has a high chance of dropping a resonance version of Fixed Odds or The Epicurean, both of which are craftable. If the encounter remains bugged until Lightfall, we recommend clearing King's Fall instead. Purchase a red border weapon every week until you have a pattern unlocked.

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Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer: Complete the "Vox Obscura" Exotic quest.

Vox Obscura is an Exotic mission tied to Season of the Risen, requiring Witch Queen Deluxe ownership if you don't own Season of the Risen. This mission is a time trial where you must use a tank to infiltrate a facility. It's quite difficult to solo; get a fireteam before attempting this. For tips on completing this mission, check out our Vox Obscura guide.

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Solid Seraph

Solid Seraph: Complete "Operation: Seraph's Shield."

Season of the Seraph's Exotic mission is "Operation: Seraph's Shield." You'll unlock this mission by progressing the "More Than a Weapon" seasonal questline. Expect a mission roughly as difficult as a Legendary Witch Queen campaign mission. Check out our Seraph's Shield guide for puzzle solutions, boss fight tips, and hidden chest locations.

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