Destiny 2: How To Earn The Cursebreaker Title

Nothing shows dedication in Destiny 2 quite like a title. Titles are unique words displayed under a player’s name in-game after completing an impressive series of challenges. These challenges can range from mastering the Crucible to finding every secret a destination has to offer.

Cursebreaker is one of the easier ones to obtain despite being heavily time-gated. While Cursebreaker hasn’t been vaulted yet, the time it takes to earn Cursebreaker can take multiple seasons based on luck. Assuming the Dreaming City gets vaulted when The Witch Queen expansion releases next year, players will want to start earning this title now before it’s too late. Here is a guide on how to obtain Cursebreaker in Destiny 2.

Updated January 15th, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Now that Beyond Light has sunset a wide range of titles, many Guardians are chasing the likes of Cursebreaker before they are inevitably sunset. Considering how much this title relies on time-gating, farming this title now is a good idea. To help with that, we’ve updated this article to give a more detailed look at what this title requires.

Dreaming City Badge

It wouldn’t be a proper title if Cursebreaker didn’t have a badge associated with it. To obtain this badge, players will need to obtain every piece of Dreaming City gear. Here’s every item tied to the badge:

  • Starlight Shell: Drops from Ascendant Challenge chests. Has a 20% drop chance.
  • Silver Tercel: Drops from the weekly Dreaming City mission. Has a 20% drop chance.
  • Pallas Galliot: Drops from the Shattered Throne dungeon. Has a 20% drop chance.
  • Blueshift Dreams: Received upon dismantling a curated Dreaming City weapon.
  • Secret Victories: Complete all six Ascendant Challenges.
  • Reverie Dawn Armor Set: Drops from activities throughout the Dreaming City.
  • Dreaming City Weapons: Drops from activities throughout the Dreaming City.
  • Horror’s Least: Obtained from “The Corrupted” Nightfall.
  • Wish-Ender: Complete the Sjur Eido statue quest in the Shattered Throne. The quest can be started after the Vorgeth encounter.

For earning Dreaming City weapons and armor, complete weekly activities on the destination including Petra Venj’s bounties, the weekly story mission, and Blind Well. Corrupted Eggs also drop Dreaming City loot when destroyed.


Mission-Minded: Complete missions “Broken Courier,” “The Oracle Engine,” and “Dark Monastery.”

Weekly story missions set the stage for the Dreaming City’s perpetual curse. There are three missions total: “Broken Courier,” “The Oracle Engine,” and “Dark Monastery.” These missions are given out as weekly bounties from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City.

Each mission is relatively easy to complete. Once all three are complete, players should obtain the Mission-Minded Triumph.

Blind Well Triumphs

Blind Well is a wave-based activity in the Dreaming City that can be accessed from the Divalian Mists. Cursebreaker has four Triumphs tied to this activity:

  1. The Hive Champion: Defeat Cragur, Plague of the Well, at the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.
  2. The Scorn Champion: Defeat Sikariis, Plague of the Well, at the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.
  3. The Taken Champion: Defeat Inomina, Plague of the Well, at the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.
  4. Into the Unknown: Visit the Queen’s Court.

Each faction corresponds to a particular curse week. The Hive appear when the curse is at its weakest, the Scorn appear during week two, and the Taken appear when the curse is strongest. Complete a Tier three Blind Well and spawn the final boss by using an Unstable Charge. Do this for each curse week to earn the Hive, Scorn, and Taken Champion Triumphs.

Visiting the Queen’s Court is incredibly easy. Purchase Petra Venj’s “Gateway Between Worlds” bounty when the Dreaming City curse is at its strongest. Completing in the bounty will grant you an Offering to the Oracle, which you can take to the Oracle Engine in the Spine of Keres. This zone is west of Divalian Mists. Present the Offering to open a portal to the Queen’s Court.

Never Again

Never Again: Complete the dungeon “The Shattered Throne.”

The Shattered Throne is the first dungeon in the Destiny franchise, combining the complex mechanics of a raid with the accessibility of a strike. While difficult to complete, the experience they provide is hard to match.

To obtain the Cursebreaker title, players will need to complete this dungeon. It doesn’t have to be completed flawlessly or solo. With that said, it will still be quite the task. Bring ranged weapons to help with certain encounters, equip Combat Style Mods, and check out our list of tips for completing this dungeon flawlessly. You might not have to go flawless for this Triumph, but most of the tips from that article apply here.

Shattered Throne completions can take multiple hours for inexperienced players, so it is best to take it slow and take breaks when needed. Remember, this dungeon isn’t timed. Take it at your own pace.

Suit Up

Suit Up: Acquire a full set of Reverie Dawn armor in the Dreaming City.

Obtaining the Suit Up Triumph is the easiest task tied to Cursebreaker. Play Blind Well, the weekly story mission, The Shattered Throne dungeon, and gift Dreaming City cats to obtain this armor set. If you need to break all 40 Corrupted Eggs, those eggs grant Dreaming City gear as well.

Gimme That Bow

Gimme That Bow: Prove yourself worthy to Sjur Eido, the first Queen’s Wrath.

After defeating Vorgeth in The Shattered Throne dungeon, players should stumble across a statue that is holding a Bow. Interacting with it begins a quest to obtain the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow.

Once the quest has been obtained, head to the Tangled Shore and navigate towards Four-Horned Gulch. Players will find an essence of Toland they can interact with. After completing that story mission, players must brave The Shattered Throne one more time and charge various tokens by summoning three secret bosses inside the dungeon. Summoning all three bosses requires the following:

  1. First Encounter: The Tower of Deep has a relic sitting atop the structure. Escort it to the rooftop at the center building to spawn Therators, Archersbane. Killing him spawns Querim. Slay Querim to charge your first token.
  2. Rafters Encounter: A relic lies in the back right rafter from where you enter. Escort it to a cluster of Awoken statues on the right-hand wall of the room.
  3. Shadow Thrall Hall: Up the first set of stairs, take a sharp right to find a relic. Escort the relic to the end of the Thrall encounter. When you drop down, dunk the orb on the Awoken statues to your right. Completing steps two and three will open a large door after the Thrall hallway. Enter the arena to defeat Eriviks, charging your second token.
  4. Vorgeth Encounter: When Vorgeth’s shield has been removed, ignore the Ogre entirely. Look around the arena for an invisible Taken Minotaur. Killing this Minotaur spawns a relic. Dunk the relic at the Awoken statues on the left-hand side of the room. This will spawn a second Ogre named Xavoth. Kill it to charge the final token.

Return to the statue once all three tokens are charged to receive Wish-Ender, completing the Triumph.

O Grave Robber Mine

O Grave Robber Mine: Collect all 16 Ahamkara Bones in the Dreaming City.

Ahamkara Bones are scattered throughout the Dreaming City and its weekly activities. To earn this Triumph, you must find all 16 of them. Like most things in the Dreaming City, eight of these bones are time-gated.

  • Bones 1 and 2 are in the Spine of Keres.
  • Bones 3 and 4 are in the Corrupted strike.
  • Bone 5 is in the “Dark Monastery” mission inside the Ascendant Realm.
  • Bone 6 is in the Queen’s Court.
  • Bones 7 through 10 are in the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • Bones 11 through 16 are in Ascendant Challenges. There’s one bone for each challenge. Challenges rotate weekly.

For a detailed guide on where to find these bones, consult YouTuber Esoterickk’s video walkthrough.

Corrupted Omelette

Corrupted Egg: Destroy all 40 Corrupted Eggs in the Dreaming City.

Various Corrupted Eggs dot the Dreaming City and the Ascendant Realm. With Wish-Ender equipped, you must destroy all 40 eggs that dot the Dreaming City. Similar to the Ahamkara Bones, most of these eggs are time-gated.

  • Nine eggs are in the Dreaming City patrol space.
  • Nine eggs are in the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • Two eggs are in the Corrupted strike.
  • Five eggs are in the Last Wish raid.
  • Three eggs are in the first, fifth, and sixth weekly Ascendant Challenges.
  • Two eggs are in the second, third, and fourth weekly Ascendant Challenges.

Sadly, it isn’t possible to knock out all 40 eggs in a single session, for many of the eggs are tied behind curse-sensitive content. Besides earning the Triumph, breaking all 40 eggs will grant the Harbinger’s Echo Sparrow.

A video guide by YouTuber Spazmattic can be viewed here.

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