Destiny 2: How To Earn The Adored Sniper Rifle

Introduced in the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2, Adored is a reprised version of the fan-favorite Beloved Sniper Rifle. It has been brought back as a ritual weapon, meaning it has a fixed perk pool with two traits in each column instead of one.

Adored has a set of perks that make it excellent in either PvE or PvP. Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon make it great in most PvE content. For PvP players, Snapshots Sights and Killing Wind make Adored one of the snappiest Sniper Rifles in the game while Killing Wind is active. To earn this gun, you will first have to complete one of three short quests.

Choose A Core Activity To Farm

To start the Adored quest, you will first need to decide which activity to farm. Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and the Drifter each have a quest associated with Adored. Completing one of them will grant the Adored Sniper Rifle.

The three quests are named the following:

  1. Strikes in your Sights: Obtained from Zavala
  2. Crucible in your Sights: Obtained from Shaxx
  3. Gambit in your Sights: Obtained from the Drifter

Talk to the respective activity NPC in the Tower to get started. Once you have earned Adored, an additional series of quests can be obtained from each core activity vendor in the Tower. Known as the “Rangemaster” quest for their respective vendor, completing this quest chain grants a unique Ornament for Adored that change the gun’s wrap.

Strikes In Your Sights

Completing the Strike-related quest for Adored is mostly simple. It asks for the following:

  • Kill 40 bosses
  • Defeat 1,000 combatants
  • Obtain 300 points by defeating enemies with Sniper Rifles. Precision final blows grant more progress.

It is worth noting that the boss kill requirement tracks strike bosses killed by anyone in your fireteam; you do not need to land the final blow to receive credit. The 1,000 combatant requirement can also be completed with any weapon, not just a Sniper Rifle.

To cheese this requirement, boot up The Corrupted strike in the Dreaming City. Instead of completing the strike, travel to the Blind Well and begin a Tier 3 run. Every kill in the Blind Well will contribute towards the quest, including bosses.

After that’s complete, the quest will ask for you to complete one of the following objectives:

  1. Defeat 35 enemies in strikes while using a Sniper Rifle without dying.
  2. Land 20 Sniper Rifle precision final blows.

Only one of these objectives needs to be completed. The precision requirement is arguably easier. A single strike should complete the quest step. Once complete, talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower to earn your new Sniper Rifle.

Crucible In Your Sights

As long as you have good aim and haven’t leveled your Valor rank at all, Crucible in your Sights is arguably the easiest quest of the bunch. It asks for the following:

  • Earn three Valor ranks
  • As a team, defeat 500 Guardians in the Crucible
  • Earn 200 points by defeating Guardians with Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle precision final blows will increase the progress of the second and third objectives. Since the second objective counts if any team member kills a Guardian, this quest step should complete rather quickly. Note that the first requirement is asking for full Valor tier ranks and not subranks. For example, going from Mythic 1 to Mythic 2 would not grant progress, but going from Mythic to Legend would count.

The second stage of this quest asks for either of the following objectives to be completed:

  1. Get five long-range Sniper Rifle final blows in the Crucible.
  2. Land five precision final blows with a Sniper Rifle.

Landing five precision hits is easier since most Destiny 2 PvP maps are close quarters. Keep your sights aimed at a popular angle, then shoot whoever runs through your sights. Talk to Banshee-44 to claim Adored once you’re done.

Gambit In Your Sights

Unless you’re in a pre-made squad, the Gambit quest will take the longest for most players. You will need to complete the following:

  • Earn three Infamy ranks
  • Earn 250 points by defeating Gambit enemies with Sniper Rifles
  • Defeat 300 combatants with precision final blows

As with the other two quests, precision final blows will speed up the point-related objective. Similar to the Crucible quest, full Infamy ranks are required for this quest. Be sure to grab bounties before attempting this, as turning in Gambit bounties will grant Infamy. Stay back, spec for Sniper Rifle Mods on your armor, and prepare to play the Gambit playlist for multiple hours.

When the first section of the quest is complete, you will need to complete either of the next two objectives.

  1. As a team, defeat 20 Blockers with Sniper Rifles.
  2. As a team, defeat 5 Guardians with Sniper Rifles in Gambit.

Invading with a Sniper Rifle is far faster than killing Blockers. Since you gain wallhacks while invading, lining up headshots is significantly easier. If that still dissuades you from invading, 20 Blocker kills will only take a handful of Gambit matches. When either objective is complete, talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your hard-earned Adored.

Strike Rangemaster

Commander Zavala will grant a short quest to earn the Balistaria Wrap for Adored. He asks for the following:

  • Land 70 Sniper Rifle final blows
  • Rapidly defeat 20 combatants
  • Defeat 50 bosses in strikes

The strike bosses will count regardless of who lands the final blow. Multikills are also rather easy to farm in the Hollowed Lair and the Glassway strikes. Hop into the Strike playlist and get to grinding. Killing 50 bosses by far takes the most amount of time, so it’s best to passively do this quest over the course of a season. Talk to Zavala when you’re done to receive the Ornament.

Crucible Rangemaster

Skilled Guardians will burn through this quest in a couple of hours. Talk to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to obtain the Crucible Rangemaster quest. You’ll need to complete the following objectives:

  • As a team, defeat 500 Guardians in the Crucible
  • Land 50 Sniper Rifle final blows
  • Land 20 precision final blows with Sniper Rifles

Most Crucible games rack up a total kill count of 50 or more for most teams, which should make the first objective go by rather quickly. If you are having trouble achieving 50 Sniper Rifle kills, considering using Izanagi’s Burden with one or two Sniper Rifle Scavenger Mods. This will let you create a Honed Edge x4 shot after a single kill, making Izanagi’s one-shot any Guardian that’s not in their Super. Complete these three objectives, then talk to Shaxx to earn the Rubicund Wrap Ornament.

Gambit Rangemaster

Earning the Snakeskin Wrap Ornament can be a major timesink based on each team composition. This quest requires the following:

  • As a team, deposit 400 motes
  • Rapidly defeat 20 combatants.
  • Land 70 Sniper Rifle final blows

Multikills and Sniper Rifle kills are relatively easy to achieve. Depositing 400 Motes can be tricky based on how good the enemy team is. Back-to-back losses can make this part a nightmare. Conversely, having a pre-made fireteam can let you finish this quest in as few as four games. It is highly recommended to create a fireteam before tackling this quest. Talk to the Drifter when this quest is complete to earn the Snakeskin Wrap Ornament.

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