Destiny 2: Expunge – Corrupted Labyrinth Guide

In a shocking twist of events, it appears that Quria has begun corrupting some of Destiny 2’s Expunge missions. The first mission, Expunge: Labyrinth, has received a corrupted variant during Season of the Splicer’s sixth week.

Overall, the mission is the same as its non-corrupted variant, although this mission has far more traps and enemies that can give some players trouble. Should you finish the mission, you’ll be able to open a Corrupted Vex Chest by using a Corrupted Key Code—a new key type that can drop from slain combatants. Let’s go over how you can conquer this Taken version of the Expunge: Labyrinth mission. Bring a weapon that can stun Unstoppable Champions. You’re going to need it.

Changes From Expunge: Labyrinth

Structurally, the corrupted variant is the exact same as the standard Labyrinth mission. However, the level has seen more enemies, Taken enemy variants, different Champions, and tons of traps.

Here are all of the changes that the corrupted variant makes:

  • Barrier Hobgoblins have been replaced with Unstoppable Phalanxes.
  • The minimap text found in the Nexus has changed. Instead of describing your location, short sentences from Quria now appear.
  • Taken mines have been placed throughout the Labyrinth. Shooting the mines is the only safe way of disabling them. Walking near one will cause it to explode, dealing minor damage.
  • Some walls now have Taken goo that will periodically push you off of the map.
  • Most Vex have been replaced with Taken enemies. The main exceptions are Harpy majors and the final boss.
  • A Corrupted Vex Chest can be found when you defeat the final boss. You’ll need a Corrupted Key Code to open the chest.

Enter The Corrupted Nexus

If you’ve played past Expunge missions, skip to the next section. The path is the same.

You’ll spawn outside of a massive wall with a green line running through the center of the wall. Run straight ahead, then interact with the entrance to breach the Nexus. Fall down the pit to reach the first room.

Note: With the Wirewalker upgrade, you can bypass most of this section. Interact with the terminal after you descend. It’ll open a path to the last section of the Nexus, where you’ll need to enter a portal at the other end of a long corridor.

Green lights will denote the correct path. Be careful, as the first two rooms have moving walls that can crush you if you aren’t careful. Wait for the walls to collapse, then proceed through the Nexus once they reset.

After you run past a green hallway and fall down a series of downward slopes, you’ll be in a bright white hallway. At the start of the hall, look up and to your right to find a gap in the wall. Jump up, and run to the end of the corridor. Turn around, then run through the right path to find the exit.

Outrun The Purge

The Vex have found you. A wall of data will sweep through a rather long corridor, killing you if it touches your character. You’ll need to avoid the death wall as you run to the other side of the corridor.

If the purge wall gets close, either:

  1. Hide inside a gap in one of the walls.
  2. Block with a Sword.

Reach the other end of the corridor, then jump into the portal to start the Expunge mission proper.

Find The Corrupted Oppressive Mind

While the level’s colors are quite muted compared to the original version, you’ll want to keep an eye out for pathways with glowing lights, as these will guide you through the level.

Periodically, you’ll stumble across a Taken mine. When you get near one, the center of the mine will begin to pulse and expand. Shooting the center of the mine will disarm it. If you wait too long, it’ll explode. These mines don’t deal much damage, but they are in such high abundance that they can seriously damage you if you aren’t careful.

Proceed through the first few platforms. You’ll find a floating Vex diamond beside a gravity lift. Break the diamond, then jump onto the gravity lift—emphasis on the word “jump.” If you run towards the gravity lift, you’ll inexplicably die.

There are three paths you can travel. All three of them will get you to the other side, although all of them are also rigged with Taken mines. Whichever path you go down, be swift.

At the end of the path is yet another platforming section. This time, you’ll need to traverse a massive gap while Vex platforms phase in and out of existence. It’s arguably easier in the corrupted variant than in the original version, as each platform’s spawn location has a Taken mine hovering in the same spot. Jump across all of the platforms to reach the other side.

Around the corner and further down the path will be a Taken Minotaur and Vex Goblins, nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. You’ll face yet another gap in the level that must be traversed by jumping on shifting Vex platforms. Wait for the platforms to phase into existence before proceeding.

Nexus Guardians And Data Spikes

Taken Psions will be guarding a Vex Harpy named a Nexus Guardian. These Harpies are fairly weak and drop a Data Spike when killed. These cubes of data must be deposited to a nearby station to unlock a gravity lift, allowing you to proceed further into the Labyrinth.

Data Spike in hand, make your way across the shifting Vex platforms. On the other side, head right to find a deposit station you can dunk the Data Spike into. Hop onto the gravity lift once you’ve unlocked it.

After the lift, you’ll need to fight some Taken Psions, Goblins, and an Unstoppable Phalanx. Stun the Plahanx with any Unstoppable Round weapon to remove its damage resistance for a short time, making it much easier to kill.

Proceed through the Labyrinth. Break a floating Vex diamond to reveal yet another set of Vex platforms. Traverse the platforms, destroying any Taken Eyes that spawn. A second diamond will be visible at the end of the path. Once again, destroy the diamond before proceeding.

You’ll encounter a second Nexus Guardian at this point, guarded by numerous Taken enemies. Destroy the Harpy, grab the Data Spike, then escort it across a set of shifting Vex platforms. Deposit the cube near a gravity lift terminal to proceed.

Ogre Ambush

Two Taken Ogres will spawn right as you land, accompanied by Taken Thralls and an Unstoppable Phalanx. Kill the Ogres first, as they can push you off the map if you aren’t careful. Clear out the Thrall, then defeat the Champion by stunning it with an Unstoppable weapon.

Directly across the path will be another Nexus Guardian. If you can’t cross the gap, swing left of the path you just came from. Destroy the Harpy to spawn the Data Spike. The deposit station is in a path under the Harpy. Use the unlocked gravity lift to reach the Corrupted Oppressive Mind.

Defeat The Corrupted Oppressive Mind

A Vex Minotaur named Fantis, Oppressive Mind Reborn will spawn after a short delay. This enemy functions the same as the boss in the Expunge: Labyrinth variant.

The boss will be vulnerable right as it spawns, so use any high-damage weapons or abilities to bring down a chunk of its health bar. If the boss is giving you trouble, destroying any of the Vex diamonds in the arena will generate a block of cover for a short duration. Lowering the Minotaur’s health slightly will make it immune, spawning Nexus Guardians and Hobgoblins.

Defeating this boss will require you to defeat two Nexus Guardians. You must then deposit the cubes into a deposit station at the outskirts of the arena.

Deposit Station #1

Directly across the entrance from the boss arena.

Deposit Station #2

To the left of where Fantis spawns from.

DPS Phase

When both Data Spikes are deposited, you’ll have a one-minute damage window before Fantis becomes immune again. This should be enough time for most players to kill the boss. Grenade Launchers, Supers, and Sniper Rifles are all great against this boss. Lament is somewhat tricky to use in this fight, as the heavy attack lunge tends to swing just outside Fantis’ hitbox.

Should you fail to kill the boss in that damage window, you’ll need to destroy two more Nexus Guardians and deposit their Data Spikes to the same locations as before. Eliminate Fantis to beat the Expunge mission, allowing you to open a Corrupted Vex Chest if you have a Corrupted Key Code.

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