Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Earn The Warden Title

Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduced three new titles for Guardians to pursue. Titles contain a wide range of Triumphs that test a player’s skill and patience, granting a snippet of purple text to go below their name.

Warden is the title associated with Season of the Hunt. Arguably the easiest title to earn this expansion, Warden tasks Guardians with completing various Wrathborn hunts while mastering the season’s new weapons. These Triumphs can be obtained solo, making this a great title to earn for most players. Here is every Triumph tied to earning the Warden title in Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt.

Hive-Made Monster

Hive-Made Monster: Acquire upgrades for the cryptolith Lure.

The Crow has seven cryptolith lure upgrades for players to purchase. To complete this Triumph, you must obtain all seven of them. Lure upgrades become available when Crow’s vendor rank increases, which occurs when you turn in 20 Recon Data. Obtaining every cryptolith upgrade requires Crow to be rank ten. Here are all of the cryptolith lure upgrades you’ll need:

  1. Reputation Boost I (Rank 1)
  2. Improved Seeker I (Rank 2)
  3. Power Hunter (Rank 4)
  4. Reputation Boost II (Rank 6)
  5. Improved Seeker II (Rank 7)
  6. Seasoned Hunter (Rank 8)
  7. Mutation Mod Extractor (Rank 10)

Unlocking Improved Seeker II requires you to start the Coup de Grâce mission with Crow. This should automatically occur after completing Season of the Hunt’s introductory mission.


Wrathender: Complete the Coup de Grâce mission.

Coup de Grâce is the final story mission for Season of the Hunt. The Crow will give players the mission upon completing all previous story missions tied to the season. For clarity, this excludes the Beyond Light campaign. Talk to Crow to unlock the final lure upgrade and start the quest. Completing “Coup de Grâce” is self-explanatory; follow what the quest objectives state. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to complete.

Stalk and Snare

There are two Stalk and Snare Triumphs that relate to different destinations:

  1. Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore: Defeat each Tier 2 Fallen Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore.
  2. Stalk and Share: Dreaming City: Defeat each Tier 2 Hive Wrathborn in the Dreaming City.

You will need the Improved Seeker I upgrade to fight the Hive Wrathborns. Tier two Wrathborn hunts involve Savek or HKD-1 on the Tangled Shore. In the Dreaming City, Dul Arath and Xillox are considered Tier 2 Wrathborns. When slotting in the first lure mutation, the item will state which boss you’ll be fighting. Eliminate all four bosses to receive both Triumphs.

Hunting Attire

Hunting Attire: Defeat Wrathborn while wearing pieces of seasonal armor. More pieces of armor grant more efficient progress.

Wearing Wild Hunt armor from Season of the Hunt is required to earn any progress for Hunting Attire. While a full set is equipped, every Wrathborn hunt will grant 10% progress. Completing ten Wrathborn hunts with a full Wild Hunt set equipped will complete this Triumph. Since Triumphs are account-bound, you can complete Crow’s weekly Wrathborn hunts on two characters to get this Triumph done in a few hours.

Tools Of The Hunt

Tools of the Hunt: Defeat combatants with each seasonal weapon.

Despite two out of the three requirements listing percentages instead of proper values, there is a finite number of kills each weapon needs. Here’s the exact body count you’ll need to hit:

  1. Defeat 400 combatants with Friction Fire.
  2. Defeat 200 combatants with Deafening Whisper.
  3. Defeat 100 combatants with Corsair’s Wrath.

Each weapon must deal the killing blow for the Triumph to gain progress; simply having the weapon equipped does not grant progress. If you’re in a hurry to get this Triumph finished, the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid is an excellent kill farm. You can start this encounter solo by using the Wish Wall just before entering Kalli’s chamber.

One’s True Culling

One’s True Culling: Defeat combatants with each Season Pass weapon.

As with Tools of the Hunt, One’s True Culling requires kills with certain weapons. In this case, the Royal Chase and Blast Battue from the Season Pass must be used. The kill requirements are as follows:

  1. Defeat 400 combatants with Royal Chase.
  2. Defeat 200 combatants with Blast Battue.

Royal Chase is unlocked at season rank 30. Blast Battue is unlocked at rank 45. Suppose you dismantled these weapons by accident, farm core activities to obtain them once again. Note that you’ll need a Season Pass rank of 93 to farm both weapons from any core activity.

Renaissance Hunter

Renaissance Hunter: Hone your skills with the seasonal weaponry. Defeat combatants at close range with the Submachine Gun, rapidly defeat combatants with the Grenade Launcher, and deal precision final blows with the Linear Fusion Rifle.

Renaissance Hunter wants you to kill enemies up-close with Friction Fire, achieve double kills with Deafening Whisper, and achieve precision kills with Corsair’s Wrath. The exact values are listed below.

  1. Defeat 200 combatants with Friction Fire at close-range.
  2. Achieve 50 multikills with Deafening Whisper. Double kills count as one multikill.
  3. Defeat 50 enemies with precision final blows while using Corsair’s Wrath.

Guardian kills don’t seem to count for this Triumph. Farming the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid is recommended to get Renaissance Hunter quickly.

Talon Of Light

Talon of Light: Complete the exotic quest “Let Loose Thy Talons.”

Obtaining Hawkmoon is the final requirement for earning the Warden title. To start this quest, speak with Crow at the Tangled Shore. He will give a quest step named “As the Crow Flies,” tasking you with finding five Paracasual Feathers scattered throughout the system. After finding all five feathers, you will have to complete some typical Exotic quest steps involving core activities and generating Orbs of Power. The quest will end after completing a story mission named “The Crow and the Hawk,” granting you Hawkmoon and the Triumph.

For a detailed guide on how to complete “Let Loose Thy Talons” along with all five feather locations, consult this guide.

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