Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Hawkmoon Exotic Quest And Feather Locations

This week in Destiny sees the return of Iron Banner, the Prophecy Dungeon, and the introduction of a new exotic questline for Hawkmoon. Hawkmoon is a beloved hand cannon from Destiny 1 returning for the first time in Destiny 2, so it’s definitely one you’ll want to get your hands on. Here are all of the quest steps to complete in order to acquire Hawkmoon.

Feather #1: Tangled Shore – Thieve’s Landing

The first feather can be found as soon as you exit Spider’s Lair. It isn’t obvious, but if you hug the left side of the hall as you exit you should be able to interact with it. The feather can be found on top of these metal balls near the entrance.

Feather #2: EDZ – The Sludge

The hint text on Feather #2 mentions the ruins of a building overlooking a grove. Head to the EDZ and select the landing zone in The Sludge. Near the Hallowed Grove lost sector you’ll find the remains of a destroyed building. The second feather is located on the second floor that the building, overlooking the Hallowed Grove.

Feather #3: Cosmodrome – The Steppes

You won’t have to go far to find the third feather. Load into the landing zone in The Steppes on the Cosmodrome and the feather will be right in front of you on top of the exposed concrete support pillar in the building your spawn in. You’ll need to jump up on top of the column to collect this feather.

Feather #4: Dreaming City – Divalian Mists

The fourth feather can be at the entrance to the Blind Well in the Dreaming City. From the Divalian Mists landing zone, walk straight ahead to the massive opening in the cliffside. The feather is laying on an elevated platform on the left side of the entrance.

Feather #5 – The Moon – Shrine Of Oryx

The last feather is the only one that’s really complicated to find. Start by loading into the Sanctuary landing zone on The Moon and head left into Archer’s Line. Before you get to the path that leads to the Hellmouth, take a right down this little path and enter the Hall of Wisdom

Once inside, drop down and follow the path until you come to a big room with a pit in the middle. Jump across the pit and you’ll see a path to your left and one straight ahead. Follow the path to your left. You’ll know you’re going the right way if you see the nest-like obelisk from the Wrathborne hunts. Follow this path until you enter the Shrine of Oryx. At this point things should start looking familiar — you’re following the same path you did in the intro mission to Season of the Hunt. Eventually, you’ll make your way to the shrine itself in a large open room. The feather can be found on the ground near the shrine on the opposite side of the entrance to this room.

Once you’ve found all five feathers you can return to Crow to start the Hawkmoon questline proper.

Let Loose Thy Talons Quest Steps

You first need to complete the Cry From Beyond mission found near the Hallowed Grove in The Sludge on the EDZ. It’s a short, straightforward mission with some platforming and easy combat. The recommended power level is 1180, so you shouldn’t have any problem.

After returning to Crow for step to, you’ll then need to collect 50 orbs of power. The fastest way to do this is to equip masterworked weapons and run public events on Europa with other players. I find that Glimmer Extraction is the best for farming orbs because everyone tends to stand very close to each other so it’s easy to find all the orbs everyone drops.

Once that’s done, return to Crow again and then head to the EDZ to start another mission. This one initiates from a banner next to Devrim in Trostland but doesn’t load you into a new instance. When you start the quest a new area will open up in front of you. Once again there’s some platforming and combat, but nothing too difficult. While in the mission you’ll need to collect five more feathers but they’re impossible to miss. You’ll get an indicator on screen that will lead you to each one. Collect all five feathers and finish the mission.

Once you return to Crow, the next step is to kill champions and guardians. You get 3% progress from killing champs and only .5% for killing guardians in Crucible, so unless you’re a crucible god that can quickly rack up 200 kills, your best bet is to run through the 1250 or 1280 lost sector to kill champions. The lost sectors usually have 3-4 champions so it shouldn’t take you more than 8-10 runs to finish. You can also run Nightfalls for this step but it will definitely take longer.

The last two steps are completed by running the mission called The Crow and the Hawk which can be found near the Hallowed Grove in The Sludge on the EDZ, just like the first mission. At the end of this quest, you’ll need to survive several waves of enemies. When the mission ends you’ll be rewarded with the exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon.

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