Destiny 2: A Guide To The Key Of Light & Darkness

Even when you complete an entire questline in Destiny 2, the game still makes it a point to leave you with at least one thread to keep you hooked in and playing. After beating the Forsaken campaign, for example, you’re rewarded with something called the Broken Awoken Talisman from Petra.

Naturally a broken talisman isn’t going to be of much use. Fixing it up will kick off The Key of Light and Darkness quest on a new chain of objectives. Don’t think the game is going to take it easy on you just because you just finished Forsaken. This quest is no joke, and the location you’ll reach for completing it is arguably one of the best in the game, so make sure to follow along with our guide to see exactly what you need to do to complete this quest.

Start The Key Of Light And Darkness Quest

As mentioned, the final part of the Forsaken quest will be to speak to Petra and claim your reward. She’ll hand over the Broken Awoken Talisman which you’ll need to repair if you want to enter the Dreaming City. You’ll need Spider’s help with this, so speak with him to kick off the quest officially.

Collect The Fragments

After talking with Spider you’ll be given three clues as to where you need to go to find the talisman’s missing fragments. These will be three specific Lost Sectors in Tangled Shore, of which there are only five, but the clues as to where exactly you’re supposed to go can be a little unclear. Once you arrive in the correct Lost Sector, completely wipe out all the enemies there to turn your broken talisman in to the Mended Awoken Talisman.

First Fragment Location

The first clue on your list is “In an old Corsair hideout.” This is referencing the Jetsam of Saturn Lost Sector.

Second Fragment Location

The clue “In the heart of the Spider’s web” is meant to direct you to the Lost Sector in Thieves’ Landing, West.

Third Fragment Location

The last hint you have is the most enigmatic yet. “In a rare green place” means to point you to Four-Horn Gulch.

Return to Spider with the repaired talisman to hear the next step in your quest.

Mend The Talisman

Spider will explain that now that the talisman is fixed, you will be able to attune it to the Awoken’s nature, aka Darkness. This means you will be taking out Taken to fill the talisman with Darkness so it can open the door to the Dreaming City. Specifically, you’re looking for Taken on Io, EDZ, as well as the Lake of Shadows strike and Gambit.

You don’t need to go to all these places to complete this step. All you need to do is kill enough Taken to fill the percentage up all the way, so if you have a place you prefer to grind it out, go for it. Otherwise, a great place to go is grind out the strikes in the EDZ and Lake of Shadows. The Lost Sectors on IO, like the one in The Rupture, are another solid choice for finding plenty of Taken as well. Whichever way you want to tackle it, go through each a few times to build up your Darkness and fill the Talisman.

Once you’ve maxed out on Darkness the talisman will change once again, this time into the Imbalanced Awoken Talisman. Make your way back to Spider to get your next task.

Mend The Talisman…Again

Well, it turns out that Darkness you gathered wasn’t quite enough and you’ll need to charge up the talisman even more. This time, though, you need to gather up Darkness from completing the Ether Harvest Public Event located in For-Horn Gulch and beat the three Chieftains.

Unlike the other steps, this one is quite direct in how and what you need to do. It is a tough event, though, so bringing a couple friends along to make sure you fully complete it isn’t a bad idea. Once you’re able to beat all the Chieftains and complete the Public Event, your talisman will go from the Imbalanced Awoken Talisman to the Balanced Awoken Talisman. Bring it back to Spider to move on.

Enter The Dreaming City

Spider’s impressed with the now complete and fully charged talisman and will unlock the final part of the quest. This is technically part of the Beyond the Watchtower campaign. The mission is called Awakening and is listed as having a recommended Power of 500. If you’re not geared up for something like that, then you should spend some time grinding first because this last area is no joke.

If you are at, or preferably a good amount above, Power 500 you can follow your quest marker to finally enter the Dreaming City. You’ll need to fight and platform your way forward, enjoying the spectacle and experience of hopping between dimensions, until you come to a temple. Inside you’ll find Petra again for one last task of clearing out the enemies outside and killing Elikaa to pick up the Offering. Bring it back to Petra and the final step of the mission will be finished.

With that, the Dreaming City is open for you to explore, leave, and return to as you wish. This is one of the most unique and interesting locations added to Destiny 2, with a ton of secrets and mysteries to discover and solve now that you’re here.

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