Desperados 3 Trailer Shows You Can Get Kicked In The Face By A Horse

Desperados 3 just got its second paid DLC in Money for the Vultures Part 2: Five Steps Ahead. Here’s a trailer where some poor schmuck gets decked by a horse.

If you’re looking for a real-time tactical stealth game on PC, and if you don’t mind a cowboy aesthetic, then Desperados 3 is the game for you. Featuring a lengthy story campaign and five playable characters, use your wits and your six-pieces to make your way in the Wild West.

Originally released in June, THQ Nordic promised three additional story missions to be added as part of the season pass. Part one arrived a month ago, and the second part has arrived today along with a brand new trailer where some poor cowpoke gets his clock cleaned by a startled horse.

“The gang returns to Louisiana to challenge a new member of the DeVitt family,” reads the description for Money for the Vultures Part 2: Five Steps Ahead, the new paid DLC for Desperados 3.”Explore a brand new location in the Bayou State, reunite with Isabelle for more Voodoo shenanigans and face off against a mastermind worthy of your talents.”

The trailer details how you’ll sneak your way through a cotton field to eventually find yourself at a southern-style estate. Several mysteriously sabotaged construction projects and at least one startled horse will take care of wandering guards to allow your sneaky gang to pass.

Part 2: Five Steps Ahead follows after the events of Money for the Vultures – Part 1: Late to the Party, in which Cooper and the gang head on down to the Bayou in search of lost treasure. That update also added a free Baron’s Challenge to all Desperados 3 owners regardless of whether they’d paid for the season pass or not. This Baron’s Challenge showcases a young Cooper as he masters his knife-throwing skills and finally faces his nemesis, Frank, “for the final time.”

And if that’s not enough, a previous update added a Baron’s mission where you play as a cat, a chicken, and a dog. They’re surprisingly coordinated for being three completely different species.

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