Demon’s Souls: Where To Farm Upgrade Materials

Demon’s Souls features an in-depth and intricate system for upgrading your weapons. It can be a bit confusing at first, and it’s made even more frustrating by the necessary supplies you always seem to lack when wanting to upgrade a particular weapon.

To help remedy this issue for the PS5 launch title, the following guide will provide the best place to farm each of the upgrade materials. Unfortunately, there’s really no way around farming when it comes to upgrading certain weapons. However, the time spent will pay off greatly when you are slicing through monsters like sliced bread with a beefed-up arsenal.

Hardstones And Sharpstones

These basic upgrade materials are relatively easy to farm. Right after beating Phalanx there is a room with a bunch of Hoplite enemies who drop these with relatively high frequency. These enemies are weak to fire and those with melee builds are best dealt with by rolling behind them to attack their backsides. There are a bunch here, so you’ll likely earn a few with each run.


These are a little harder to farm than most other materials because they are found only from the Crystal Lizard enemy. Not just any will do, however. You have to destroy the ones found in 2-2 after defeating the Armor Spider.

While only a few of them are around, they are easy to find right after entering. Unlike most enemies, Crystal Lizards disappear after killing them several times — the frequency is determined by the number of times they have already escaped and have been killed.


Greystones, used to upgrade crushing weapons, are picked up from Rock Worms in 2-2. For mages these enemies are a piece of cake; just shoot some magic into their mouths for major damage. Close quarters combat characters also need to hit them in this weak spot, but it is harder to hit with a sword or an axe. The enemies also do major damage, so be wary of that.


These resource materials are found on the Silver Skeletons, which are plentiful in the fourth Archstone. Right after entering the area, you greeted by a gauntlet of several Silver Skeletons. Pure Bladestones are a little trickier since only Black Skeletons drop them. Two of them exist in 4-1; one on the main path by a silver skeleton and an archer past the mini-boss and the first fog door, and another more off the beaten path who can be seen right at the intro of the level.


Prepare to do little damage to these enemies if you need some Dragonstone Shards. Bearbugs are plentiful in the labyrinthine layout of 2-2 but they take quite a beating before going down. Magic makes it a little easier since you run no risk of taking damage, but it is still quite a slog. Weapons enchanted with magic make taking these pests out a little easier.


Suckerstone Shards are taken from phosphorescent slugs, which are found in two locations throughout the five Archstones. Journey further into the cave in 4-2 to find a bunch of them in a room with a lot of explosives. They are also in a particular spot of 5-2. Both are in the middle of their respective levels, so be prepared for a fight before farming begins.


For the shards of Mercurystone you can simply spend some time hacking away at prisoners in 3-1. Most of these poor souls do not even attack you. For chunks and the pure form of this resource, you have to journey into 3-2 and take on the Giant Man Centipedes who first show up at the bottom of the level after using the cages to descend below.


Shards of Marrowstone are easy to come by. After unlocking the shortcut to 5-2, it is easy to farm these resources from the Giant Mosquitoes flying on the shortcut path. The “pure” and “chunk” forms of Marrowstone are found on the giant ticks in 5-1, a relatively easy level if you tackle it later on in the game.


Prisoners in 3-1 drop various types of stones, including Moonlightstone. Prisoners are abundant in 3-1, so you don’t need to worry about running out of them before reloading the area. For Pure Moonlight Stones, one has to find specific Crystal Lizards. The most convenient one is in 3-3 right before the Old Monk fight. There are some enemies here, but once you have a strategy down it will not be too hard to destroy them.


Reapers carry this resource, so you will probably inadvertently amass a ton of these while farming for extra souls in 4-2. Reapers are not the easiest enemy in the game, so be prepared for a tough fight each time until you beef up your character. For Pure Moonshadestone, you have to beat the second boss of this Archstone and find a Crystal Lizard in the cemetery outside.


Faintstones are found almost exclusively in the fifth Archstone. The depraved ones carry these, and this type of enemy is plentiful in the entire area. Giant ones also carry the pure form of this, but it is still a rare drop. Despite it being the last Archstone, the area is pretty easy to go through, especially 5-1.


The Miners in the second Archstone carry Spiderstone. Like the prisoners in the Prison of Hope, they are abundant and most of them do not even fight back. Additionally, later in the game, these two areas are no challenge at all to those who have already beefed up their character. The Armor Spider boss drops a pure form of this resource as well.


Cloudstones are dropped by Storm Beasts in 3-3, who are easily killed by the Storm Ruler. They also drop the chunks and pure form of this resource. The Graverobber in this Archstone also sells shards for 3,000 if you do not feel like killing a bunch of these enemies. With all of these locations for farming materials clearly laid out, you should have no problem finding the right materials to upgrade your weapons in no time.

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