Demon’s Souls Fans Announce Return To Boletaria Event To Reignite Online

Once a year, every Souls game holds a 'Return to' event in which fans band together to reignite the online scene. This means more invading, more messages, and more summoning, trying to capture the spirit of launch. And in two weeks, Return to Boletaria is doing just that for Demon's Souls, complete with a giveaway raffle, fashion contest, and Hall of Slayers challenge.

It starts on October 4 and ends on October 18, though you can keep on playing as many no doubt will. But to take part in true Return to fashion, you need to create a new character and start from scratch. While playing, you can enter the raffle for a chance to win the Artbook, CD Soundtrack, a PlayStation Store Gift Card, Reddit Premium, or Discord Nitro. All you need to do is join the Demon's Souls (PS5) Discord server.

The fashion contest will have three total winners that can nab a handmade UMBASA pin, a PlayStation Store gift Card, Reddit Premium, or Discord Nitro. Hall of Slayers meanwhile tasks you with participating in the SummonSign and twinkly subreddits, helping those on their journeys through Boletaria. You can earn the same prizes through this if fashion isn't your forte.

Demon's Souls shut down its servers on PS3 so you can take part this year through the PS5 remake. However, there are third-party servers hosted by fans for the PS3 version if you fancy going old-school and playing something a little more nostalgic. Or if you just haven't been able to get your hands on a PS5 yet.

While Demon's Souls is pushing on with its Return to event, the first Dark Souls' has been postponed. It was meant to be held in late October but with Dark Souls 2 and 3's servers down, engagement has been much lower this year in these events.

Given how much more time and resource-consuming they've become, with the fashion contests, livestreams, tourneys, and other events, the team has decided to postpone Lordran's own. As such, Dark Souls 2 is up next, and Dark Souls will be last.

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