Demon’s Souls And Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sold Better Combined Than Xbox Series X/S In Japan

Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold better than the Xbox Series X and Series S during next-gen launch week in Japan.

Aside from some parts of the world where the PS5 won’t be released until tomorrow, the next generation of console has arrived around the world. With more people gaming than ever before in 2020, this may well be the biggest next-gen launch in console history. Assassins Creed Valhalla enjoyed double the day one player count of the franchise’s last game, and Xbox’s next-gen launch blew the last one out of the water in the UK.

As pleased as Microsoft will have been to hear that news, it has clarified that it will be casting a particular focus over Japan during this generation. While PlayStation has the edge over Xbox in most parts of the world, it isn’t even close in Japan. It makes sense since Japan is the home of the PS5’s creators, Sony.

Earlier indicators suggested that the launch of the Series X and Series S was going to go very well in Japan. Pre-orders sold out very quickly. However, the consoles’ first-week sales were dwarfed by that of the PS5. 118,000 PS5s were sold in Japan last week compared to just 21,000 Series X and Series S consoles according to Famitsu.

Even a couple of PS5 launch titles managed to outsell Xbox’s next-gen consoles when their sales are combined. Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 18,640 copies in week one which managed to just outdo its fellow PS5 exclusive Demon’s Souls which clocked in at 18,607 copies. More than 37,000 copies sold when the two are added together which far surpasses how the Series X and Series S performed in Japan.

The thing is, this is exactly what Microsoft would have expected. Pre-orders were sold out in Japan which means there were only 21,000 consoles to sell. Famitsu also reported that some Japanese retailers were having to conduct lottery sales for Xbox consoles due to the fact they didn’t have enough to go around. A disappointing week for Xbox in Japan when you look at the numbers alone, but probably not so bad when you look at the bigger picture.

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