Death Stranding release date NEWS: Meet Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima THIS weekend

Metal Gear Solid fans might want to cancel their plans this weekend, because Hideo Kojima will be in London to promote Death Stranding on PS4.

With the Death Stranding PS4 release date just a few days away, Kojima is travelling the world to talk up his new game.

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It all begins with an appearance on BAFTA Twitch, where Kojima will discuss Death Stranding at 7.30pm on November 1. 

This will be followed by the opening of the Death Stranding Experience in London on November 2.

Taking place at The Stables Market in Camden, the Death Stranding Experience will run for the next two weekends.

As an added bonus, anybody who makes the trip to the event on November 2 will even get the opportunity to meet Hideo Kojima himself.

The photo meet and greet with Kojima takes place on November 2 from 11.30am GMT until 1.30pm.

While this is your only chance to meet Kojima and have a photograph with him, the Death Stranding Experience will remain open to the public.

The event is open from 10am until 7pm GMT on November 2, and from 10am until 6pm UK time on November 3, 8, 9 and 10.

Tickets are free and there are no age restrictions, although Sony recommends it for age 16 upwards.

The event is said to give fans an insight into the world of Death Stranding, which might clear up a few mysteries ahead of launch.

Better yet, attendees can also grab limited edition Death Stranding and Kojima Productions merchandise.

The bizarre new game from the Metal Gear Solid director is a third-person adventure starring Norman Reedus.

The stunning new release also features a unique multiplayer component with asynchronous gameplay.

While players won’t ever interact with each other, there is a co-operative element at play.

Kojima has previously said that he wants Death Stranding to highlight the significance of forming bonds.

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