Death Stranding Players Speculate About The Story In The Sequel

Players of the newly repopularized game Death Stranding have been speculating about the sequel, Death Stranding 2. This was first revealed earlier this week at The Game Awards in the form of a trailer, prompting renewed interest in the famous franchise by Game Director Hideo Kojima.

The news comes from a growing thread on the discussion board Resetera. The user on the platform known as RowdyReverb has been leading the conversation, posting screenshots from the trailer shown at The Game Awards along with no small amount of speculation about the story in Death Stranding 2.

“I think it is time to respect Kojima’s wishes and dissect the hell out of the first Death Stranding 2 trailer,” RowdyReverb remarked in reference to earlier comments by Kojima concerning the teaser to the effect that "I put a lot of things inside, so I want you guys to talk about it and find details in it.” The user went on to say that “when he is involved, you know everything is going to be packed with symbolism.”

“First, let’s talk about Drawbridge,” RowdyReverb commented. “The first game had us building bridges to connect the United Cities of America for the organization Bridges. So, why change from Bridges to Drawbridge?” The user explained how “the first thing that comes to mind is Kojima's statement on how the pandemic greatly influenced the story of the game,” noting how “the biggest difference between a drawbridge and an ordinary bridge is that a drawbridge enables a deliberate disconnection.” RowdyReverb described that “we were forced to deliberately disconnect from one another during the pandemic, just as a drawbridge disconnects two connected pieces of land. However, we continued to live parallel to each other.”

“Next, let's talk about aquatic themes,” RowdyReverb continued. “I suspect there will be a heavy emphasis on travel by sea.” The user went on to speculate that “Lou has died. When people die in this universe, they walk from their Beach out into the ocean. I believe that Lou is ‘lost at sea' so to speak, and Sam and Fragile are seeking her.” RowdyReverb added that “Sam and Fragile are disconnected from Lou and seeking to reconnect.”

“Ok, last post for now,” the user said. “Let's talk about Higgs.” Having noted a series of visual cues concerning the masked figure in the trailer, RowdyReverb came to the conclusion that “Higgs is still attempting to bring about an Extinction Event via Amelie. We don't know where Amelie has gone at the end of Death Stranding and so he is seeking Amelie while we are seeking Lou.”

The speculation about the story in Death Stranding has been continuing apace ever since the screening of the trailer during The Game Awards. While some of the discussion has been taking place on Resetera, the conversation can also be found across all of the various social media platforms including Twitter and especially Reddit.

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