Dead Rising 2 Player Beats The Game Without Killing A Single Zombie

Dead Rising fans will know that the main goal of the entire series is to kill zombies, whether that be with traditional firearms, or with a set of spiky boxing gloves. Dead Rising 2 is no exception, providing you with dozens of unique weapons to choose from as you slice and dice your way through hordes of the undead to fetch Zombrex for your infected daughter Katey.

What if you're more of a pacifist though? What if you want to experience Dead Rising 2 with as little needless gore and bloodshed as possible? Well, a popular YouTuber called Dante Ravioli has managed to figure out how to complete the entire game without laying a finger on a single innocent zombie. To make things harder, they've also made it so that they have to rescue as many survivors as possible, attempt to kill all the psychopaths, make sure Katey gets her Zombrex, and get the good ending.

Those who've played Dead Rising 2 will know it starts out with protagonist Chuck Greene taking part in a zombie game show that awards points for kills. Just to play it safe, Dante Raviolo simply drives around the perimeter of the arena trying to stay away from the carnage going down in the middle, probably as an event organizer somewhere watches in horror.

The rest of the run is just as ridiculous, as they recruit survivors to help kill zombies for them, jump through hordes of the undead, and murder countless humans since they don't technically count as zombie kills. One particularly difficult moment has the YouTuber constantly reloading their save as they accidentally plow into several zombies while chasing a moving train on a motorbike.

Despite all of the trials, tribulations, and countless reloaded saves, Dante Ravioli actually manages to beat TK and roll credits with 0 zombies killed throughout the entire run. It's a pretty impressive feat that requires you to completely ignore one of the key parts of Dead Rising 2, but I'll probably stick to decapitating zombies with lightsabers. What can I say, I'm just that heartless.

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