Dead By Daylight Is Reportedly Going To Lose Its License For Leatherface

A reliable Dead by Daylight leaker has suggested that the game could be losing Leatherface in the near future, possibly due to the impending release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

One of the best things about Dead by Daylight is its variety of horror legends, including the likes of Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, and Albert Wesker, among other original villains. With so many licenses, however, comes the worry that they might get taken away, something that happened a few years ago with the Stranger Things content. Sadly, it seems like it might happen again soon.

Reliable Dead by Daylight leaker DBDLeaks shared an image of Leatherface on their Twitter account with the caption, "Goodbye Bubba, enjoy your last months in the fog. I'll forever miss you camping me in the basement". DBDLeaks didn't give a reason why Leatherface is leaving the game, but comments underneath the post suggest that it's because of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game releasing this later this year.

Beyond the statement from DBDLeaks, there are some other bits of evidence that support the idea that Leatherface is about to be removed. As spotted by Twitter user dvveet, Leatherface's perks have been updated in the latest PTB and seem to have accidentally been given alternative names, which seems to indicate them being made available for everyone, which is what happened when Stranger Things content was removed from the game.

Twitter user ahrenisabimbo also spotted that all the characters in the game are being discounted on Steam right now, except for Leatherface, who is going for his normal price. Whether this is preparing for a much bigger discount once his removal is announced, or the Dead by Daylight team is unable to discount him due to losing the license is unknown, but it's interesting that he's been singled out.

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