Dead By Daylight Is Giving Out 250,000 Bloodpoints For Free

Dead by Daylight had a server outage on December 22 just in time for Christmas, but the team is feeling charitable with the holiday season so it's giving out 250,000 Bloodpoints to anyone who logs in between now and January 6.

Bloodpoints are the currency you need to level up characters – they're used on the Bloodweb to buy perks and other unlockables until you complete that particular web, levelling up and unlocking next. You keep doing that until you reach level 50. You can earn them from playing, through log-in rewards, and by using promo codes, but they cap at 1,000,000. So you're essentially getting a quarter of the maximum amount for free.

That's not all – December and the beginning of January are also jam-packed with giveaways. We're almost done with the daily log-in rewards now, but there's still just over a week left to get some Bloodpoints. Tomorrow, you can pick up 30,000, but on January 1, you can get 100,000 to commemorate the new year. That's a lot of levels. It's perfect for finally boosting your favourite slasher icon.

Speaking of the new year, Dead by Daylight just announced a collaboration with Kōji Suzuki’s Ringu. Ringu is a horror novel that released in 1991, getting its own cult classic Japanese adaptation in 1998, but you probably know it for the Western interpetation – The Ring. It came out in 2002, four years after the Japanese movie.

If none of that rings a bell – it's the creepy little girl with long black hair. You know the one. Plenty dress up as her for Halloween, she's become iconic for her souless eyes, and she's a staple of early 2000s horror. With the game being chock full of classics, both silly and serious, it only makes sense that it would eventually rope in the poster child for nightmares herself.

She's headed to Dead by Daylight in March, styilized more on the novel and its original adaptation rather than the 2002 film.

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