Dead By Daylight: 10 Tips For Playing As Huntress

Asymmetric survival horror Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer experience with one killer who must stalk, hook, and sacrifice four survivors to The Entity. One of the best aspects of this long-running online game is the plethora of killers. The killers in Dead by Daylight play in first-person perspective whereas the survivors play in third-person. It’s a nice gameplay shift, depending on which side you are on.

Easily one of the best and most creative killers is The Huntress, an axe and hatchet-wielding woman who stalks survivors with her animal mask, all while humming an eerie song that she grew up listening to. The Huntress excels at both close-range and long-range attacks but learning to master her skills takes practice and time. The following Huntress tips should help you get to grips with her gameplay mechanics.

Learn The Huntress’ Perks

The Huntress has three unique perks:

  • Beast of Prey
  • Territorial Imperative
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby

Her distinct perks help with map awareness and putting pressure on survivors. Since Dead by Daylight is comprised of stalking survivors and then chasing them down, map awareness is critical for success.

Fortunately, Dead by Daylight lets you equip multiple perks after you have leveled up enough through the bloodweb. In order to be more adept at playing as The Huntress, it’s encouraged to try each perk individually to understand it and then combine them to become more powerful overall.

Make Sure To Hatchet Out Some Time

The hunting hatchets are a fantastic weapon for The Huntress, full stop. While she does have a traditional melee axe for close-range attacks, these hatchets are both useful and effective, especially at mid to long range.

The Huntress can carry up to five hatchets at a time.

While the hunting hatchets are incredibly useful, they take considerable time to master, mostly down to the thrown weapon arc. By holding down a button, you can windup the throw for more devastating damage to survivors. Be sure to practice throwing these whenever the opportunity presents itself in order to get to grips with their control.

Refill At Red Lockers

Since The Huntress can only carry five hatchets at a time, being aware of red lockers is a necessity when moving around the map stalking survivors. These red lockers are primarily used by survivors to hide in when being pursued. However, when playing as The Huntress, these lockers act as a refill station for the hatchets.

Fortunately, once you run out of your five hatchets, the refill hatchets glow yellow all across the map so you know just where to go in order to stock up. Plus, you might end up finding a hiding survivor in one of the lockers which quite literally kills two birds with one stone.

Using Your Main Axe Weapon Effectively

Each killer has their own unique main weapon and The Huntress wields a devastating axe. This axe features a strong and sturdy wooden handle and a pickaxe portion on the other side making it not only look lethal but actually being lethal to survivors.

Since the axe is a heavy weapon it does take time to get used to its swing pattern.

Most players will get to grips with the axe right away but it’s encouraged to practice your windup in order to know when to hit others as they run away. It can feel cumbersome at first, but if you practice using it on any survivor you come across, you will feel more adept with it.

Short-Range Versus Long-Range

The Huntress excels in both short-range and long-range attacks. While her main perks help her with map awareness and stalking survivors, you are given the choice of throwing the hunting hatchets or hitting survivors with the axe. Many killers in the game focus on one or the other so this balance helps The Huntress to be even more effective.

As you begin using The Huntress, take time to stalk and attack survivors at various distances to not only find what you are comfortable with but how to use this to your advantage in each of the maps. Often hitting a survivor up close followed by a hatchet throw as they run is most effective.

Apply Pressure During A Chase

Each of The Huntress’ three perks helps with map awareness and applying pressure to survivors. For example, Beast of Prey allows you to be undetectable at tier-one which means you can quickly and quietly approach survivors before they even know you are near them on a map.

Often this works best when a group is repairing a generator because they spread out and you can stalk who you want to. By applying pressure like this to either one survivor or multiple, you can force them to make easy mistakes such as leaving more blood scratch marks that show the direction they are moving.

Damage Those Generators

The primary goal for survivors in each trial is to repair five generators which then allows them to open up the exit gates. However, killers can stalk the generators as well since they are always lit up on the map. When a generator has had some repairs done to it, the killer can move towards it in order to damage or even break it.

The Huntress comes in handy because she can first hit survivors with her hatchet while at a good distance away. She can then close the gap to damage the generator before applying chase. While it might be easy to just start the chase, you never know if another survivor is hidden nearby ready to start repairing again as you leave.

Outsmart The Survivors

One of the best ways to do well as a killer in Dead by Daylight is to outsmart and outmaneuver survivors. The best example for this is by gently guiding survivors towards a basement that houses multiple hooks all in one convenient location. One of The Huntress’ perks, Territorial Imperative, reveals survivors who move into the basement.

Since survivors may not know that the killer is aware of this fact, they tend to stay down there for too long leading to The Huntress heading down and hooking them. Essentially learning the traditional movement patterns of survivors is critical to hooking more of them in a given trial.

Tracking And Stalking Are Essential

Simply put, The Huntress is one of the best killers for stalking and tracking, mostly down to her perks. Oftentimes, survivors group up with each other thinking there is strength in numbers. While that is true since more survivors repairing or healing tends to stack, it comes at the disadvantage of the killer finding them due to noise.

When you play as The Huntress, get in the habit of throwing a warning hatchet near a generator being repaired. This can often startle survivors into failing a generator skill check or moving quickly which leaves scratch marks. By doing this, you will get to grips with stalking and tracking more effectively with The Huntress.

Use Appropriate Add-Ons

Another major gameplay aspect to Dead by Daylight is the add-ons. While both survivors and killers use add-ons, The Huntress, specifically, has some great ones that help increase the hatchet and axe power. For example, the yellowed cloth add-on makes the hatchet fly even faster when thrown.

Depending on your playstyle, you should try out various add-ons to see which ones help with your method of play. Fortunately, there are a ton of them to unlock through the bloodweb progression.

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