Darkest Dungeon: How To Beat The Unstable Flesh

The Unstable Flesh is one of the bosses that you will encounter in the Warrens in Darkest Dungeon. As with all of the bosses, it has three different forms/levels of difficulty and its name changes slightly to reflect this; Inchoate Flesh, Unstable Flesh, and Formless Flesh.

For everything you need to know about the best party setup to use for this boss battle and our recommended strategy on how to defeat the Unstable Flesh, we’ve got it all covered right here.

Unstable Flesh Boss Fight Strategy

Make sure all of your party members are well-equipped and be sure to bring along enough provisions and torches as the boss fight is usually in the final room on the map. Bandages, Holy Water, and Antivenom are all highly recommended too.

When it comes to your party setup, we recommend using the following heroes:

  • Vestal: As your healer.
  • 2x Houndmaster: He is the best for inflicting Bleed* on all four targets, but you can always choose another option such as Hellion or Flagellant.
  • Man-at-Arms: Can buff your party/debuff the enemy.

*Blight is another option for this battle, but will be less effective on most enemies you encounter in the Warrens on your way to the boss fight, so we recommend Bleed instead.

The Unstable Flesh is an Eldritch boss that appears as four different body parts that take up all four positions in battle. This boss will transform the body parts each turn, but it shares a single health bar across all parts.

Each body part will get one move per round; the Head, Bone, and Butt all inflict different negative status effects when they attack, while the Heart will always heal whichever body part is in position one. All body parts except the heart have high protection. However, they are all susceptible to Blight and Bleed, so this is what you want to focus on.

Your goal is to inflict Bleed on all of the body parts with the Houndmasters (or your chosen alternative) and keep whittling down the HP while ensuring Bleed is active at all times. You should focus on the Heart parts whenever they appear, as they have a lower defense. Make sure you utilize Dog Treats to give your Houndmasters a buff when attacking.

Your Vestal will be on hand to heal up your party as needed. As previously mentioned, the body parts can inflict Blight, Bleed, and Stun, which is why we recommend bringing along some medicinal items to help out with this.

Additionally, the Man-at-Arms is doubly useful; he can buff your party to help reduce the damage done by the enemy attacks (up to four times each turn), as well as being capable of inflicting debuffs on the body parts.

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