Dan Houser net worth uncovered as GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 creator quits

Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, the studio behind Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, is to leave the firm next month.

Mr Houser founded Rockstar with his brother Sam in 1998.

The studio's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, confirmed his departure in a notice sent to financial regulators in the United States and said he would leave the company in March following an "extended break" which began last year.

No reason has been given for his departure.

Rockstar's games – most notably Grand Theft Auto on which Mr House was a lead writer – have often been controversial for their depictions of violence and crime as well as other issues, but the gaming series is among the most critically-acclaimed and best-selling of all-time.

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Grand Theft Auto V – released in 2013 – was one of the most commercially successful games of the last decade, selling more than 100 million copies. Recently, Take-Two Interactive, Rockstars parent company, shared that Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, had sold a combined 150 million units.

As you might imagine then, Dan is pretty minted.

That's what happens when you release two of the biggest selling games, nay, entertainment products, of all time.

What is Dan Houser's net worth?

Answer: Celebrity Net Worth suggests that the former Rockstar game founder has a net worth in the region of £100 million.

With GTA having generated close to £4.6 billion and Red Dead Redemption 2 also believed to have raked in £554.8 million in the first three days following its release, Houser's incredible net worth shouldn't come as a surprise.

Plus, we're not even factoring in the many other projects and games Dan has likely been involved in.

Though GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are Rockstar's big games, many might overlook the huge success of Bully, Max Payne, Manhunt, Midnight Club Racing and of course every existing GTA entry to date.

Following his decision to leave Rockstar Games, the company released a statement which read:

"We are extremely grateful for his contributions Rockstar Games has built some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful game worlds, a global community of passionate fans and an incredibly talented team, which remains focused on current and future projects."

In 2018, Mr Houser caused controversy when he said that in order to finish Red Dead Redemption 2, staff had worked "100-hour weeks".

The revelation sparked debate in the video games industry, where the idea of "the crunch" – a culture where gaming staff are expected to work long hours for months in order to meet deadlines – is a source of criticism and an area some believe the industry needs to reform and move away from.

Rockstar later clarified that only a core writing team undertook longer hours, not the whole studio.

It is understood Mr Houser's brother Sam will continue as company president.

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