Cyberpunk 2077: With A Little Help From My Friends Side Job Walkthrough

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  • Starting With A Little Help From My Friends
  • Entering The Control Tower
  • Locating The Punch Cards
  • Tower Conversation: Romance Panam Options
  • The Fireside Chat: Panam Romance Options
  • Train Chase And Finishing The Side Job

As a mercenary in Night City, only completing V’s main storyline would be unfitting. Rather, to get the true Cyberpunk 2077 experiences, it is important to explore and play through the plethora of side jobs on offer in this sprawling, neon-soaked RPG. These side jobs, which are often found off of the beaten path, contain some of the most interesting stories and choices on offer in Cyberpunk.

One character that gets a huge amount of development during her side jobs is Panam Palmer, a romanceable mercenary if your V presents as male, with her quests showing you what life is like outside of Night City. With A Little Help From My Friends is the penultimate side job in Panam’s questline and an important step if you are looking to romance the character.

Starting With A Little Help From My Friends

To start With A Little Help From My Friends you must have completed Panam’s previous side job named Riders On The Storm.

Having completed that mission, wait 12 hours in-game until you receive a call from Panam requesting that you come and help her and her gang.

Accept her request and make your way over to the quest marker at the Mobile Camp.

For those who are presenting as male in Cyberpunk 2077, this quest is key to romancing Panam, so make sure to check out our Cyberpunk 2077 romance and relationships guide.

When you arrive at the Mobile Camp, you will find Panam, Saul, and Mitch having a rather heated discussion about their gang, the Aldecaldos.

During this short chat, there are several conversation choices allowing you to flirt with Panam (if you are presenting as male). However, this should not affect your romance with her. But, if you are roleplaying a romance with Panam, flirt to your heart’s content.

Following this, head to the next conversation with the rest of the Aldecaldos and agree to continue with the mission. If you do not agree here, the mission will fail.

You can also choose to tell Saul about the Basilisk, betraying Panam’s trust and ending any further involvement you can have with the Aldecaldos.

There are two options for reaching your next objective. Either go solo or travel with Panam. The latter choice includes some unique dialogue if you chose the Nomad life path.

Entering The Control Tower

The next stage in this quest is to gain access to the control tower, there are a couple of ways that this can be achieved.

Firstly, if you have at least 3 levels of Technical Ability you can hack your way into the front of the tower.

If you have a lack of Technical Ability, you can always force your way in by knocking down the back door. This requires 5 levels of Strength.

If both of these options are beyond your reach, there is always a little bit of parkour. Next to the door with the strength check, there is a window you can leap into via a ledge.

You can also chat with some of the nomads during this section of the quest.

Locating The Punch Cards

Once in the tower, head to the top and enjoy the view.

After a brief chat with Panam, you will be informed that you need to find some Punch Cards to continue the side job.

Scan around the room until you find the Punch Card on a discarded cabinet draw at the back/left-hand side of the room. Take it and talk to Panam, and put the Punch Card in the reader to progress the side job.

Tower Conversation: Romance Panam Options

You will then be prompted to talk to Panam, this conversation is very important if you wish to romance her.

Here are the choices you must pick if you wish to further your relationship with Panam:

  • “Missed You”
  • Next, choose “Let's Start” to continue your flirtations
  • Following this pick “Great plan, what went wrong”
  • Only two options here and both work if you wish to continue the romance
  • Next, choose “Why’s it different with me?”
  • And close things off with “[Touch Panam’s Hand] next time, try following that impulse”

If you haven't followed the Panam romance guide up until here, or you are presenting as female, some of these options will not be available, thus meaning you can not romance Panam.

The Fireside Chat: Panam Romance Options

As you exit the tower you will receive a message from Saul, respond with either one, both will defend Panam.

Next, sit down by the fire with the nomads. This campfire chat is another crucial one if you wish to romance Panam.

Pick these options:

  • When sitting, choose “worried about Saul?”
  • Now say: “Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye” you can also take a drink and make some comments about snake nation, but ultimately choose the shut-eye option.
  • Lastly, pick “[scooch closer] Gotten kinda cold”

Train Chase And Finishing The Side Job

Regardless of your choices in the previous conversations, you will be awoken for the next stage of the mission.

Get in the car with Panam to begin the train chase.

The next sequence is an on-rails turret section. Simply shoot the train away from its coupler to further the side job.

Now it's time to tack on the corpos. There will be 12 Militech enemies, some of which are drones, for you to shoot down.

The turret on your truck can make light work of the drones.

Hop out of your truck once the drones are beaten and take out the human foes.

Collect your loot and head back to the truck. You will be transported back to camp where an explosive argument will occur between Panam and Saul.

Following that, you will briefly chat with Panam before she promises to call you if any updates occur.

That marks the end of this side job. To conclude her romance questline, and ultimately finish Panam’s story as a whole, you will need to begin the Queen of the Highway mission.

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