Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Guide – All Branches And Choices

The Pickup is a quest in Cyberpunk 2077 that you unlock after completing The Ride. Up until now, most of the main story quests you’ve done probably felt pretty linear, but The Pickup completely changes that. This quest has tons of branching narratives, and can be completed in a vast number of ways to trigger a wide variety of different outcomes.

Fortunately, we’ve played through The Pickup in every way possible. As a result, we’ve got all the details on the best way to complete it, as well as information on each and every different version of the quest.

So, if you’re currently playing through The Pickup and are looking for some information on all the different branches and choices, look no further than this comprehensive Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup guide.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Guide – All Branches And Choices

The Pickup tasks you with heading to the All Foods warehouse in Northside, which is currently occupied by the notorious Maelstrom gang. Your objective here is to retrieve the Flathead, a weird and expensive spider-bot device that Dex DeShawn paid for but has yet to receive.

Before you go to All Foods, though, you’ll be given the option to meet with a Militech agent called Meredith Stout. This is optional, meaning you can ignore Stout if you want – however, it’s important to remember that your decision here will ultimately affect the outcome of the entire quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Guide – Meet With Stout But Refuse The Credchip

If you decide to meet with Meredith Stout, she will to give you a loaded credchip to purchase the Flathead with. The thing is, the credchip has a virus on it, which means you can refuse to take it from her.

If you refuse the credchip, you will have two different possible outcomes.

  • Shoot Royce: Royce is the Maelstrom boss you’re dealing with. If you refused the credchip from Stout and don’t want to blow your own Eurodollars, you’ll need to shoot Royce, which obviously kicks off a fight against the Maelstrom. You’ll need to battle your way out of All Foods in order to complete the mission. Stout will be promoted, and if you tell her you want to work together again, you’ll be able to visit her in the No-Tell Motel later on in the game for a romantic encounter.
  • Buy the Flathead with your own money: This option will allow you to finish the mission without having to fight the Maelstrom, meaning you can avoid conflict entirely. Stout will lose her job – and be killed by her own people offscreen – in this scenario, while her rival, Gilchrist, will be promoted in Militech.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Guide – Meet With Stout And Accept The Credchip

Obviously you can also accept Stout’s credchip, which opens up even more possibilities for how this quest plays out. There are still only two outcomes here, but there are five different avenues you can go down to reach them.

  • Shoot Royce: Even with the credchip, you’re able to shoot Royce just like the option listed above. The exact same outcome as shooting Royce without accepting the credchip plays out in this instance.
  • But the Flathead with Stout’s credchip: This is the most obvious option given that you were emphatically given the credchip in order to purchase the Flathead. Royce will immediately notice that the chip has a virus on it and you will need to fight the Maelstrom. Unlike the violent encounter mentioned above, however, Royce will still be alive. He’s a very tough boss, so if you accepted the credchip from Stout, I’d be pretty wary of using it. That being said, if you kill Royce and save Brick, the old Maelstrom boss, you’ll unlock a special new – and very helpful – option in a later quest.
  • Buy the Flathead with your own money: Weirdly enough, this isn’t the same as buying the Flathead with your own money if you refused to take Stout’s chip. Essentially, if you take the chip and don’t use it or shoot Royce, you will end up needing to face off against Militech with the Maelstrom as your allies. Militech will bring two mechs to the fight, but Royce and Dum Dum – who are both pretty overpowered – will take them down easily. Stout dies in this scenario, while Gilchrist gets a promotion.
  • Buy the Flathead with Stout’s credchip but tell Royce about the virus: This has the exact same outcome as buying the Flathead with your own money.
  • Buy the Flathead with a cracked version of Stout’s credchip: You can do this regardless of the lifepath you choose, but the choice will only be made obvious for Corpos. Going into the inventory and choosing to crack the chip will remove the virus, meaning you can use a legit credchip to purchase the Flathead from Royce. Doing this triggers the Militech conflict encounter, like the previous two options.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Guide – Don’t Meet With Stout

Obviously you have the option to forego meeting with Stout entirely. There are two different routes you can go down here, but both result in the same outcome of Gilchrist getting promoted while Stout is killed.

  • Buy the Flathead using your own money: Not meeting Stout means not getting her credchip, meaning your only means of purchasing the flathead is with your own money. You won’t have to fight the Maelstrom or Militech and Gilchrist will get promoted.
  • Shoot Royce: This has the same outcome as all previous “shoot Royce” options.

For what it’s worth, you can avoid all of the above options and simply walk into All Foods with the sole intent of fighting Maelstrom. All you need to do in order to trigger this avenue is attack a Maelstrom gang member or interfere with the turrets in All Food. You will need to fight the Maelstrom in this instance. At the end of the quest, Stout will die and Gilchrist will be promoted.

Regardless of the route you choose, you’ll want to make sure you visit the room in the southwestern corner of the map. Here, you’ll be able to extract valuable documents from a computer, which you can then sell to Militech regardless of whether it’s Stout or Gilchrist that greets you on your way out of All Foods.

That’s pretty much everything – either Stout or Gilchrist will always come out on top, so the main differences in this quest boil down to who is in charge of Militech at the end, as well as who you need to fight during it. You can go through the whole quest peacefully by following the correct guidelines listed above, or else opt to choose routes that end up with you fighting either the Maelstrom or Militech. No matter what, you will always end up with the Flathead, as it’s an essential quest item for the heist you pull off later on.

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